Boshin War

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  • Decolonization Of Japan

    Opium War, Britain was able to attack Chinese soldiers from their claims in India (“Opium”). After The First Anglo-Chinese War, also known as The First Opium War, Hong Kong was ceded to the British, which gave them another strategic location in the East Asia Sea, so Japan was not a good investment. While the British were increasing their domain in India, it became clear that their sights were not on Japan, but a more useful location. The British decided to try their luck at taking Egypt, which would be very useful for trade and shipping into and out of the Indian Ocean. In the early 1800’s the British were defeated by the Mameluke army led by Muhammed Ali. The British withdrew from Egypt and did not return until 1882. In 1869, the French government funded the building of the Suez Canal, which connected the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. After the completion of the Suez Canal, the British’s interest in Egypt swelled. The canal would cut the travel times between India and Britain drastically (Luscombe). Britain had other ports in the East Asia Sea such as Singapore. After Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles established a trading post there, the Dutch recognized that the British controlled Singapore (“History”). Also, I believe that Japan was not a strategic location for any western power, except for the U.S. The U.S., if they actually used the manpower and colonized Japan, could’ve used Japan as a jumping off point for the invasion of the Philippines during the Spanish-American War,…

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  • Biography Of Yae Yamamoto Niijima

    As a young girl she wanted to learn to shoot and after much persistence her father agreed. She took this teaching to heart during the Boshin War as she not only helped the other women in the castle heal wounded solders, but she also participated in night raids and battled on the front lines. She held fast and strong as she tried to keep her family safe. When she converted and became engaged to Jo she had to deal with the scrutiny of others and she held her head high un-wavered in her decision.…

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  • Themes In Keeper N Me

    A major underlying issue within many cultures in the world is the struggle to either hold on to traditions and values or to move forward with modernization. In the novel Keeper N’ Me by Richard Wagamese, the cultural traditions of the Anishanabe become very important to Garnet Raven who is a disconnected member of the tribe. The major theme in the Movie, The Last Samurai, directed by Edward Zwich is this very issue: tradition versus modernization. The protagonist of this movie Nathan Algren…

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  • How Did Ethiopia And Japan Resist Colonization

    assisting in wars with Islamic invaders. After, the opening of the Suez canal Ethiopian had became a interest few many more European powers including Britain, France and Italy. The Suez canal had made Ethiopia and the Red Sea important, and European powers were eager to obtain territory in the region. “favorable relations became extremely important when the Suez Canal was opened in 1869, creating a new major trade route”9. Its strange how a religious myth brought Europe closer with Ethiopia , in…

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  • Avatar Film Analysis

    Taka is a Japanese woman who hates Algren because her husband is killed by Algren. When they meet for the first time, Taka looks at Algren with intense hatred. When Taka sees Algren’s humbleness and kindness, she decides to forgive him and falls in love with him. Even though he is a government general, he ignores his mission and decides to love Taka. Before the civil war, she helps Algren wear the armor worn by her husband and they share a kiss. When Algren comes back to the village, she smiles…

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  • Saigō Takamori's Role In Japanese Politics

    This time, he elected to force the imperial court to approve of the destruction of the Shogunate, rather than openly declare war on them. The Imperial Court would eventually rule in favor of Saigō’s motivations, having pardoned the Choshu for their previous attempt at a coup and dissolving the Shogunate. Thus, war between the former Shogun and the newly formed Imperial Army began immediately. Despite being outnumbered, under Saigō’s command, the Imperial Army rapidly flourished in the…

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  • The Importance Of Transboundary Water Management In The Bahamas

    Water, a natural resource deemed to be a right, is fast depleting. Our planet’s fresh water reserves present an unfavorable picture, with only 1% out of 3% accessible for direct human use. This scarcity, fueled by unequal distribution amongst countries caused by geographical and political obstacles, raises the potential of “water wars”. Such concerns are exacerbated by uncontrollable population growth, pollution due to industrialization and modernization, and climate change. A new approach to…

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  • Analysis Of Joint Force 2025

    a difficult time keeping up with the challenges and speed of a constantly changing security environment.” The Future Risk the U.S. faces is cyber technology is changing at a much faster pace than conventional weapon technology. The U.S. must find a way to be more flexible in developing and purchasing new technology while maintaining a secure process to keep pace with the rest of the world or fall behind and risk losing a cyber war. In conclusion, I see the global surveillance and strike (GSS)…

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  • Paul Baumer In All Quiet On The Western Front

    a novel about war. A Novel about suffering, loss, and the cold and sad realization that one young man came to about the realities of war. That young man is Paul Baumer. Paul is a very fluid and inconsistent character, he is constantly developing and changing his views on his circumstances. This is the cause of confusion for many, but also the reason that this is such a riveting and powerful book that has affected and will continue to affect all generations. His thoughts often and incessantly…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Vs War Analysis

    peaceful, it is worth asking how much of unrecorded human history was peaceful. Since the creation of man, humans have been at war with one another. Our wars have been violent and quiet, however, almost always present. Conflict is observable within every niche of humanity, even within the walls of a classroom it is possible to find evidence of conflict, yet humans have not found a way to deal with it better than war. The history of conflict stretches as far back as the beginning of humanity…

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