Boston Harbor

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  • Boston Harbor Short Story

    It was a beautiful summer day on the Boston harbor. There were only a few boats in the harbor but the monthly cargo ship from Britain had just come in that day. This ship had many of the supplies that Boston storekeepers needed very badly. Moses Prescott was riding his cart down to the harbor from his shop to buy supplies from the merchant henry Kempe. When he arrived most of the supplies had already been unloaded and a few other storekeepers already buying sugar, molasses, and tea. In Boston the tax on tea was so big that many of the storekeepers had given up stocking there stores with tea because most of their customers stopped buying it. The merchant walked towards Mr. Prescott. “Hello Moses,” said the merchant. “Are you here to get you’re shipment of sugar, molasses, and tea?” He was a tall wiry man with red hair and a bristly beard. He and Moses had done business together for many years so they were friends except when they got in a fight about the…

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  • Boston Harbor Case Study

    1a.) The bacteria levels in the Boston Harbor were higher 25 years ago. "Historically, poorly treated wastewater and discharge of sewage solids, or sludge, were significant sources of bacteria to the harbor, documented as far back as the 1930s." (The State of Boston Harbor: Mapping the Harbor's Recovery, 8) Now, the water quality is being measured by the MWRA to meet the health standards of making the water 1b.)With the respect of my parameter, bacteria pollution, I could attend the Boston…

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  • The Boston Tea Party Analysis

    The event sparked off the passing of legislative measures that were aimed at ending the commerce of Boston once and for all. Soon, the Boston Harbor closed, and my tea trade was no good to anyone. Soon, I found myself more intrigued towards the objectives of the Patriots even though I did feel numerous times that I had no choice regarding the same. 6.1 to understand what these individuals were after, I joined one of their ranks, which were being held in secret owing to the passing of the…

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  • Les Miserable: The Real French Revolution

    revolutions against groups of people. Les Miserable, one of the most notable and recognized musicals of our time is set during the French Revolution. Unfortunately, we see images that tend to glorify the act of revolting against something and while movies like Les Miserable are entertaining, they tend to be lacking in the true facts department. The real French Revolution was horribly bloody and got way out of hand. The original intent was admirable, but starting an event set into motion a chain…

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  • Boston Fishing Research Paper

    Inner Boston Harbor's Thompson Island is a gem of an easy access spot if you're looking for fishing the flats for striped bass or deeper and structured-waters on the same plus bluefish. Access is good: kayak fishermen can use the little-more-than-a-mile-from-the-island hand-carry at City Point, ditto the ramp at Malibu Beach, Neponset for powerboaters with trailers with four-wheel drive. In addition to flats fishing on the island's back side, Thompson holds within its contours two tidal…

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  • Boston Massacre: The Cause Of The American Revolution

    we call the Boston Massacre. This horrific event was a result of the many grand mistakes caused by the British. The British did not let the colonies have any word on the taxation laws being placed on the colonies. Little did the British know that this would eventually lead to a revolution that would lead to a brand new independent country that would be known as the United States of America. The British was in great debt from the French and Indian War. Britain had to place troops in the…

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  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Farming was the largest economic activity, fishing was important along the coastline, while trading was a very important in large cities like Boston. Most manufactured things were brought in from England until the Revolution, when Americans defied the British and opened their ports to other countries. Another flourishing industry was Shipbuilding. A large communication system in Massachusetts was newspapers, The British consequently hated them because of the outrageous and degrading things they…

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  • Characteristics Of A Restaurant

    But, it has this shape so that every table has a view of the harbor. With massive windows facing the harbor, you are bound to get beautiful views at every seat. If you sit outside, you are even more immersed into the harbor as you hear the seagulls and feel the light breeze. The sounds of the ocean are sure to calm you as you sit and enjoy your food. Once you are done eating, there are plenty of things to do in the area surrounding the restaurant. The restaurant is located in a quaint town that…

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  • Paul Revere And His Impact On American History

    country it is today. With Paul Revere’s help, The United States was able to gain its independence from the British during the Revolutionary War. Aside from his contributions to the American Revolution, Paul Revere was also an accomplished mechanic and businessman, some of whose inventions are still in use today. Despite Revere’s positive impact on the country, not all of his endeavors had a positive outcome. Even so, Paul Revere is an essential piece of United States History that will never be…

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  • The Boston Massacre: Responsible Or Justified?

    truth. This is no different for the Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre took place in March 5, 1770 in the streets of Boston. Some people believe that the colonists were more responsible for the death of the 5 colonists. Others, including myself, believe that the Redcoats were more responsible. I believe this for the following reasons: 1. The Redcoat who started this was drunk, 2. They used extreme force against the colonists, and 3. Tensions were very high between the two groups, so the…

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