Boston Massacre: The Cause Of The American Revolution

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British Grand Mistakes

The roars coming from the angry colonists, the gunshots fired by the colonists, and the smoke coming from from the gun fire. These horrific scenes took place in an event we call the Boston Massacre. This horrific event was a result of the many grand mistakes caused by the British. The British did not let the colonies have any word on the taxation laws being placed on the colonies. Little did the British know that this would eventually lead to a revolution that would lead to a brand new independent country that would be known as the United States of America.

The British was in great debt from the French and Indian War. Britain had to place troops in the colonists in order to protect the colonies from the French and the natives. Britain had to pay to keep these troops in the colonies which caused their debt. To help pay this debt, they placed an act which would help pay to keep the troops in the colonies. This act was called the Stamp Act. This act forced colonists to pay for stamps in order to use any type of paper product. This tax really did not please the colonists considering they now had to pay taxes for paper products and the fact that they did not have any role in the decision of passing this act.
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The Boston Massacre was mostly a result of many fights consisting of workers and British troops who enforced the laws of the British Parliament. This caused a lot of hatred to begin against the British. A crowd of colonists went up to 8 British troops and started to insult and threaten them. The British troops decided to shoot the crowd which killed 5 colonists. The first death also belonged to called Crispus Attucks. The Boston Massacre was used as propaganda against the British which increased British hate a lot more. ("Boston Massacre." Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 13 Aug. 2017. Accessed 20 Oct.

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