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  • The Boston Massacre: The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre The Boston massacre was a significant event that didn’t happen until March 5, 1770. The colonists used it as propaganda. The Boston massacre only lasted about twenty minutes. Shortly after the Boston massacre the Boston tea party took place. There were five people that were killed in the Boston Massacre. One victim was, Crispus Attucks. He was a dock worker who was killed instantly when the british fired their guns. Another victim was, Samuel Gray. Samuel Gray, a worker at the rope walk were the fighting started, was also killed instantly. The third victim was, James Calwell. James Caldwell, a mate on an american ship, also died instantly. The fourth victim was, Samuel Maverick. Samuel Adams, an apprentice to an ivory cutter, was 17 but, didn’t die until the morning of March 6, 1770.The fifth and last victim was Patrick Carr. Patrick Carr, a leather breeches maker, was mortally wounded but did not die until March 14, 1770. There were different perspectives on the boston massacre. The british, only fired because the colonists were…

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  • Boston EMS Security

    Recognized towards the Town’s backup responders as “The Battlement”, the Boston EMS Communication Operations Center receives and prioritizes all incoming alternative homoeopathic calls, dispatches emergency parts, directs with other community protection activities and local hospitals, and maintains communication with all units in the field. Dispatch Operations is co-located with the Boston Police. Furthermost, 9-1-1 calls are originally received by Boston Police or Massachusetts State Police…

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  • Diversity In Boston Today

    When i first came to the US i didn’t know no one and didn’t know nothing about the area i was living in. When i first when to come and saw some people speaking spanish and they welcomed me in, i felt i was joining their community. Imagine being an immigrant and coming into the country and not knowing anything about anyone and starting a new life over and the first thing being put in a community where you are supposed to be a type of way.Imagine coming into the country and most people hating you…

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  • Essay On Boston Marathon Bombing

    ‘’On April 15, 2013, two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and wounding more than 260 other people. Four days later, after an intense manhunt that shut down the Boston area, police captured one of the bombing suspects, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose older brother and fellow suspect, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, died following a shootout with law enforcement earlier that same day” (“Boston Marathon Bombings”).This capture and shootout…

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  • The Boston Marathon Bombing Analysis

    The Boston Marathon is a race that is held every year on the third Monday of April since 1897. This event attracted several people. On April 15,2013 two bombs went off near the finish line killing 3 bystanders and wounding more than 250 people. Not only were people seriously injured but property was damaged and the entire city was in shock. Automatically people believed they fell victim to terrorist attacks. Four days later after the FBI took over a video immersed that revealed brothers,…

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  • Essay On Boston Bombing Crisis

    different ethnic backgrounds attended school together. I say this because I came from a country where there wasn’t much diversity. It’s hard to imagine that just 50 years ago people lived in a racially divided America. So how did we end the racial divide in our school system? Especially in the white dominated cities such as Boston. I decided to research on how schools integrated in Boston. I came across a topic called Boston Busing crisis. I had no knowledge of what the Boston Busing crisis…

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  • The Boston Massacre: A Massacre

    surrounded the customs house in Boston where the kings money was kept. The mob surrounded the guard posted there and threatened his life so the red coats were called in, to disperse the mob and the defend the customs house. The colonists started to attack the redcoats tasked with defending the customs house, Which lead to an unordered shot fired by one of the soldiers, not directly at the colonists. According to the Captain Thomas Preston the first shot was on ascended because the gun hit the…

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  • Boston Massacre Effects

    American history to show the ability of a nation’s people grouping up together to rise and defeat an insufficient government. When a government, like the British at time, fails to care for its people and take advantage of them, colonists will become impatient and anxious for their rights. At the time, without a doubt, the American Revolution was flared by a chain of events in the colonies. One of the most damaging events was the ‘Boston Massacre’, caused by the continued tension between the…

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  • Reasons For The Boston Massacre

    A massacre is known to be a brutal and indiscriminate slaughter of unimpeachable people therefore the use of the word massacre for this event is ambiguous, in truth, the Boston massacre should have been classified as a little dispute, brawl, or riot between mother country and colonies owing to the facts that; all the propaganda that was printed emphasized and exaggerated the actual actions taken by both the colonists and the British, the colonists made the first move, and the British only used…

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  • Boston Massacre: The Cause Of The American Revolution

    we call the Boston Massacre. This horrific event was a result of the many grand mistakes caused by the British. The British did not let the colonies have any word on the taxation laws being placed on the colonies. Little did the British know that this would eventually lead to a revolution that would lead to a brand new independent country that would be known as the United States of America. The British was in great debt from the French and Indian War. Britain had to place troops in the…

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