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  • Marc Amputation Case Study

    professionals involved in his care while in the hospital and recommend a suitable model of nursing care to promote successful communication and person-centred care. Amputation can be defined as the loss of a part or the whole limb due to disease of the vascular or trauma Dougherty & Lister 2011. Amputation…

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  • Amputation And Prosthetics

    Before I began my research on amputations and prosthetics, I already knew some background information on some of the causes and instruments that are used to treat amputees. I knew that the most common causes of lower extremity amputations are diseases and trauma, and that prosthetics are used to provide functions and ambulation, but I wanted to learn more. What are the other causes of amputations? What are limb loss and limb differences? How can I reduce the risk of amputation? My goal in…

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  • The Boston Marathon Bombing Analysis

    the mass media. Stan is an orthopedic surgeon and has been one for more than 35 years. Being an orthopedic surgeon, Stan has had his fair share of leg amputations, some would say he is a professional on this topic. Stan mentions a picture of a man who has had his legs blown off. The picture he was referring to was Jeff Bauman’s injuries. He notices the tourniquet not applied, but just simply lying underneath the leg. A tourniquet is used to stop blood flow. Therefore, it is interesting when…

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  • Essay On Limb Trauma

    Limb deficiencies resulting from traumatic amputation are a specialized form of trauma. They often do not occur in children, and as such, can be difficult to handle. This trauma is also specifically labor intensive because it affects the child as whole: physically, emotionally, and psychologically. These consequences are persistent, occurring as soon as the trauma does, and continuing long after into the lives of the child and parents. These also mean that the child will require care in…

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  • Phantom Limb Essay

    Undergoing an amputation generates sufficient trauma in and of itself, adding to the shock is the experience of excruciating pain caused by a limb or other body part that is no longer attached to the body, this disturbance can prove to be not only exasperating but extraordinarily frightening as well. This strange phenomenon, of experiencing a limb that has been removed from the body, is referred to as a “phantom limb.” Around “90 percent of amputees worldwide” have experienced these puzzling…

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  • Case Study: The Phantom Limb

    amputated limb is still present and phantom limb pain is most commonly seen following the amputation of the arm or leg. The pain felt, may be related to physical or psychological factors, including the weather, or emotional stress, (Flor, 2002). Phantom limb is frequently apparent with physical pain, and this occurs in 50% – 80% of amputees, (Flor, 2002). The pain felt by these amputees can be described as stabbing, burning, tingling, or throbbing. Research has been conducted into understanding…

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  • Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions Research Paper

    osteoarthritis and low back pain are commonly seen among transfemoral amputees (TFAs), and are considered as secondary disabilities among amputees. The amputation surgery changes the biomechanics of transfemoral amputees abruptly. It is not unusual that the gait deviation in TFAs is commonly observed and the primary cause is muscle weakness. The amputation leads to the loss of muscle distal insertion sites and the change of muscle’s moment arm, thus the force can be generated by hip muscles is…

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  • Orthopedic Gymar Identifiers

    essential limbs? One arm, two legs, one hand, two feet, five fingers, and ten toes.What's missing? One arm. Not everyone is lucky enough to have all their limbs. Not everyone is lucky enough to be “normal”. Prosthesis are the solution for someone who has lost a limb and is not ready to give up their life. A prosthetic is a mechanical device that replaces a lost limb. It gives the user the ability to do some of the things they enjoyed before amputation. Prosthetics are created by a patient’s…

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  • Mr. Barnes Case Against Euthanasia

    dialysis three times a week because of a failed kidney transplant. Being insulin dependent means that Mr. Barnes’s pancreas does not create enough insulin for his body to convert the sugar into the needed energy and therefore he must get insulin from an outside source. Dialysis is a process that cleans out the body’s blood if there is a problem with a kidney; the process however usually leaves the patients tired and feeling unwell for the first few hours. Mr. Barnes’s condition makes it hard for…

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  • Narrative Essay On Car Crash

    The rink was freshly glazed by the Zamboni. Since I have a lot of time to think I was wondering. I wondered if my parents were still alive, would I have the same life except only living in my bedroom or would I be able to go around in a wheelchair? It turns out that life has many curves. During my stay in the hospital, I developed an infection. The doctors started to treat it with many antibiotics and treatments, but the infection continued to spread and grow larger. Soon, my heart and body…

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