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  • Research Paper On Prosthetics

    was made of bronze and Iron, possessing a wooden core made for a below the knee amputee. In the dark ages there was little advancement in the way of prosthetics, mostly just simple hooks and peg legs, many of these prosthetics were made to aid those wounded in battle or otherwise. The renaissance however was when we began to see real improvement and attempts at optimizing a more hand-like prosthetic for those missing limbs. However, as is still common today, the only ones to possess these hands were those who achieved them through wealth or fame. In “A Brief History of Prosthetics” by Kim Norton, she mentions a recording from around 1508 about a “Spanish navy admiral who had a rigged silver arm capable of removing his hat, opening his purse, and signing his name.” (Norton, 2) Obviously in a time without nervous system input and electricity this was a highly complex mechanical device that a peasant of the time could never hope to have. These prosthetics were highly special cases, but as time went on and the American civil war occurred, many battles and many lost limbs resulted in American scientists entering the field of prosthetics. Even in World War I there was discussion of how prosthetics should come about for wounded soldiers. Given this rising issue the surgeon general of the United States created the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association. Finally, “around World War II the American government pressured the military sector to invest more capital into the…

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  • Cold War Monologue

    I think back to a conversation Paul and I had. He said that once I get out I should head straight to an institute for artificial limbs, I laughed at the thought of that. Little did I know now I wanted to give life another go. If Lewandowski can be cripple and happy, I don't see why I can't be. I was sent home four days earlier than the doctors had planned. They proclaimed that my stump had healed perfectly and I was safe to go home. My mother would be so heartbroken seeing me come out of war…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Vertical Farming

    families with the gift of knowing their loved ones are still healthy and happy. Outside the field of medicine, new technologies such as nano-sensors are connecting us in ways beyond thought possible, with self driving cars the way we travel will be changed significantly, and the how we grow food will be changed dramatically with the emergence of vertical farming. Most of us are very fortunate to have all of our limbs so it’s hard for us to understand the importance of prosthetic limbs. Everyday…

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  • Prosthetic Hands Essay

    We use our hands for touching, grabbing, holding, feeling, manipulating, and caressing. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our hands are constantly making precise movements to allow for things like writing, art, or even things that give us pleasure like sports. Our hands are also capable of heavy labor, things such as lifting heavy objects, digging, or even to hold things. We even use our hands while talking to help further express our selves (Smith 2006). Over 25,000 people each year in the US…

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  • Character In Flannery O Connor's Short Stories

    They went up to a barn and sat and talked for a while before he asked her to remove her leg and show him where it attached. She put it back on later then he removed it and put it far from her so she could not reach it and told her to leave it off for a while. He had told her the leg was what makes her different than everyone else. “She was as sensitive about the artificial leg as a peacock about his tail. No one ever touched it but her. She took care of it as someone else would his soul, in…

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  • Zach Sobiech's Clouds Analysis

    helping others. When Easton LaChappelle was younger, while other kids were worried about their social life and school, he was focusing on the internet. He decided to start teaching himself the basics of robotics. At the age of 14 years old, Easton LaChappelle made his first robotic arm. He used LEGO's and fishing wire. He was inspired to further his study later on in his life. His inspiration was a seven-year-old girl at a science fair. She had a prosthetic hand that only opened and closed and…

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  • Computer Cursor Research Paper

    Have you ever thought that one day you will be able to move a computer cursor, an artificial limb, or a mobile robot just by the power of your thoughts!? For normal people and people with disabilities like paralysis and limbs loss, this is a dream coming true. The goal of this research paper is to address the question of whether implantable devices can be the bright future of not only disabled people but also normal people. The paper also discusses the ethical concerns and the physical impacts…

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  • Prosthetic Fatigue Analysis

    As technology continues to advance and possibilities are explored, these issues also continue to develop and become increasingly widespread. Consider the use of prosthetic limbs to restore limbs to those who lost them or have a condition preventing the development of the limb: individuals with prosthetic legs, for example, without denying the pain of having lost their limbs, need not be concerned with prosthetic fatigue. While the prosthesis may be mapped to their nerves to allow movement, it…

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  • Cyborg Athletes

    some time restrictions. The problem with making these decisions of whether not athletes with these enhancements can participate in sports with other healthy athletes. Is that they will feel as if they are being discriminated against because they will not be able to participate because of their prosthetics or technological enhancements. There are many organizations that were created for athletes that have disabilities to even out the playing field. By doing this the feeling of discrimination is…

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  • Code Of Hammurabi Analysis

    another thing that was very important to the Babylonians. If a woman was accused by her husband of sleeping with another man, and she can't prove that she hadn't, she had to throw herself in the river. This also shows that adultery was unacceptable. For example, if a man's wife were caught with another man, the two would be tied together and thrown in the river. Incest was also forbidden in their society. If a man slept with his daughter, he would be banned from the city. Respect was also valued…

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