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  • Hitler's Aryan Race: The Rise Of The Nazis

    Adolf Hitler believed that the Aryan race, which is where all ‘true Germans’ belonged to, was the race of gods, and in order to save this race it requires the elimination of opposing threats. This essay covers the rise of the Nazis and Hitler, the ideologies that he put into place and the execution of the final solution. This was all so the Aryan race could be the highest race of all of the races. During 1930 the economic depression hit Germany hard as there was millions out of jobs and many lacked confidence in their government due to the defeat fifteen years earlier of the First World War. Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding speaker who promised Germany a better life and because of this he was appointed chancellor in 1933 where he had racist and authoritarian ideas. Hitler then forced organizations, political parties and state governments under his control and also gained control over the culture, economy, education and law of Germany including the trade unions forcing the workers, employees and employers into Nazi organizations. Hitler then ended all individual freedoms, press, speech and assembly, and individuals lost their right to privacy (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, n.d). Hitler relied on the terror the SA was creating by beating up and killing opponents of the Nazi regime, the SA also removed all opposing textbooks by burning them replacing them with newer books under the Nazi…

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  • Nazi Party DBQ Essay

    In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler received power and created his Nazi Party. The Nazis wanted to create a perfect Aryan race and the Jews did not fit into that category. The disabled were also targeted because they were not created in the most perfect physical form possible, unlike the Aryans. This party mainly targeted Jews, but it also targeted many other religions and races. The Nazi Party would classify Jews by their actions, by their appearance, and by their beliefs and mindset. The Jews were…

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  • Hitler's Supernatural Supremacy Essay

    propaganda. Supernatural Supremacy is the belief that one race or group of people or things were better than others . This means that they thought they were created better on a divine level. In this case, their belief was that the German Aryans were superior to all of the other races, especially the Jews. They believed that the Jews were the and should be destroyed or made slaves. Supernatural supremacy was…

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  • Hitler's Propaganda And The Influence Of Social Darwinism

    healthiest shall survive. if it were different and animals could mate the higher development would eventually cease. Social Darwinism is further shown as he writes about his perceived notion of the superiority of the Aryan race, specifically their culture. An example given is a comparison of North America and South America. North America's population is largely of German descent and very little of colored population or descent while South Americas is not. Latin Americans mixed with aborigines…

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  • Why Is Adolf Hitler Responsible For The Holocaust

    but they aren’t aware of all the steps they took in order to reach to that position where they can get enough trust of people who will not fight back against them. Well, we all know that it didn’t work out well for them and ended up losing their lives as well. Nazis was a group made of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and some others who wanted all Non-Germans out of Germany. They wanted people who only had blue eyes and blond hair which according to them was a perfect example of true Germans.…

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  • Nazi Concentration Camps Essay

    prisoners, and the mentally and physically disabled. According to the Nazis, the ‘Aryan race’ was the greatest and strongest race, and Hitler, the leader of the Nazi regime, decided that anyone who was not Aryan or anyone who seemed unfit for the Nazis “ideal society” should be eliminated. According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust, The Romani’s, better known by their more common yet incorrect name “Gypsies”, were nomadic people who had come from northwest India and settled in Germany and…

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  • Adolf Hitler's The Final Solution

    benefit his ideals and beliefs. He targeted groups in society that did not fit into his master Aryan Race with cruel and unjust punishments. However the most indecent act against humanity that Hitler committed was the extermination of European Jews- ‘The Final Solution’. The…

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  • Race Relations Sociology

    Lastly, race relations continue to reflect the incredibly important social implications of racism in current events. Examples such as the brutality faced by young Black men by the cops demonstrates the assumption that African-Americans are brutish and violent, characteristics given to them by scientists during the slave trade. One example of on going racism that goes unnoticed is the high rate of violence against women of color, specifically sexual violence. As mentioned before, the sexual…

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  • Free Essay: The Reign Of Adolf Hitler

    when a leader develops hatred and uses that to give solutions to the country’s problems. Hitler imposed the Holocaust on the Jews because he believed that the 'Jewish financiers ' sent the whole world into war causing the death of many German soldiers. On January 30, 1939 he claimed that incase the Jewish financiers in and outside Europe were to succeed in taking the nations once again into a world war, then there will not be the victory for the Jews but simply an annihilation of the whole…

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  • How To Evaluate Hitler's Foreign Policy

    nation was the ‘master race’. To backup all this, he pointed the incident in Treaty of Versailles were their territory was taken over. He criticised the Jews for both causing the Germans to loss WW1 and for stealing all their prosperity away. 2) The incident known as the ‘Kristallnacht’ or also known as the ‘night of the broken glass’ happen on the 9th and the 10th of November 1938. The Nazis destroyed over 250 synagogues were burned, approximately 7 thousand Jewish businesses were…

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