Hitler's Aryan Race: The Rise Of The Nazis

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Adolf Hitler believed that the Aryan race, which is where all ‘true Germans’ belonged to, was the race of gods, and in order to save this race it requires the elimination of opposing threats. This essay covers the rise of the Nazis and Hitler, the ideologies that he put into place and the execution of the final solution. This was all so the Aryan race could be the highest race of all of the races.

During 1930 the economic depression hit Germany hard as there was millions out of jobs and many lacked confidence in their government due to the defeat fifteen years earlier of the First World War. Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding speaker who promised Germany a better life and because of this he was appointed chancellor in 1933 where he had racist and authoritarian ideas. Hitler then forced organizations, political parties and state governments under his control and also gained control over the culture, economy, education and law of Germany including the trade unions forcing the workers, employees and employers into Nazi organizations. Hitler then ended all individual freedoms, press, speech and assembly, and individuals lost their right to privacy (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, n.d). Hitler relied on the terror the SA was creating by beating up and killing opponents of the Nazi regime, the SA also removed all opposing textbooks by burning them replacing them with newer books under the Nazi
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Hitler and the Nazis raised to power while abusing their power and using fear to eradicate the ‘inferior race’ from Germany, Hitler also forced his ideologies of the perfect German race onto German citizens forcing them into these ideologies. This also leads into the Final solution where the removal of all those who are ‘inferior’ or harmful to the German race was

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