Hitler's Propaganda And The Influence Of Social Darwinism

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World War Two heavily shaped the twentieth century. One man, in particular, helped to shape the minds of Germans, young and old and convince them to go into a war. This man is no other than Adolph Hitler. Below is an examination of his strategies and techniques for propaganda and the influence of Social Darwinism in his writings. Lastly, an examination on what his ideas may tell us about human nature.
Hitler examines two strategies that shape his propaganda. Strategies he believes to be effective are socialist-Marxist and the English/ American war strategy during the Great War. Socialist-Marxist propaganda is effective because it was not something the bourgeois class had seen before. The English war strategy was effective because it was psychological.
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First, establish an audience. The audience should be broad, and not focused on the scholarly individual, but instead, focus on the less educated masses. However, it must remain popular as well. A reason for this is because of the scholarly desire scientific instruction while the less educated desire something that will grab their attention. Hitler equates this with an art exhibition poster, it must grab the observer’s attention and provide just the right amount of information. Nonetheless, the poster should not be a replacement for the art itself, but lead the observer to his own opinion of the art.
Secondly, the next technique proposed is to limit the propaganda to only a few points, to make the propaganda almost a slogan. This technique is to avoid the distraction of those who you want to listen to the propaganda. The message is simple and repeated frequently so every man and woman understands. If the message is too complex it will be forgotten by the masses.
Spoken word is of more importance than the written word because it allows the speaker to know the audience and create a bond by observing and reacting accordingly. Writing is the definite form of an idea and causes most to not have an

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