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  • Sexuality: A Case Study Of Asexuality

    friends accepted it. This trend of remaining single and uninterested in romantic relationships persisted into college. It was there at college that Dean learned about asexuality in a human sexuality class. For the first time, he felt quiet relief when…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Asexuality Analysis

    D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield epitomizes asexuality between his refusal to participate in sexual behavior and his lack of desire for it. He doesn’t look for it as a trait in a relationship, nor does he want to partake in it when faced by sexual situations. Asexuality is still extremely relevant today, as the amount of people who identify as asexual is constantly growing while more and more people find out about it. Awareness that this is a real and valid orientation must be spread in order to…

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  • Politics Of Asexuality: Issues Faced By Stormy O Brink

    The A in LGBTQIA Throughout the years, the LGBT community has gained a tremendous amount of recognition from society. Their struggles have led to them getting well known by society. In fact, the community has grown so large that there are now disputes over whether a sexuality or gender identity should even be included in the community. One of the sexualities facing this struggle is asexuality. Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone.Unlike celibacy, asexuals do not chose to be…

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  • Old Spice Adverts

    Sexy Soap, Spirits, and Salad Sex sells! This is a distasteful but accurate statement. There is a great deal of sexuality in the media today that cannot be avoided. There are many times when I am casually scrolling though twitter or flipping through channels and an ad pops up that is extremely sexual. Businesses have found a way to make their product more desirable through this type of portrayal, and they are not going to change that anytime soon. One of the articles that I came across is…

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  • Margarita With A Straw: Scene Analysis

    The repetition that motivated my investigation of the scene is Laila’s apparent need to prove her sexuality as something that exists although she has disability. I was drawn to this scene specifically because it encapsulates both her need for validation through able-bodied male approval and her yearning to assimilate with able-bodied society, or what she perceives as “normalcy”. In Margarita with a Straw, Laila’s apparent need to prove her sexuality “despite” her disability might reveal that…

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  • Asexuality Erasure

    those who do”. This happens throughout life and then through GLAAD, a website to portray the hardships LGBTQIA go through but confuses their A for ally, contributing to the asexual erasure. The bisexuality erasure example is the Benedict Carey article from the New York Time website, talking about how bisexuals cannot be bisexuals when he had conducted a test where they see if bisexuals men are more aroused toward men, when he saw that they are, he threw away the word bisexuals into the garbage…

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  • Feminism And Asexuality

    What is normal? Is there even such a thing? People define normal as those like themselves, gender and sexually “correct” to their biological preferences; although, that is far from correct. Since the beginning of time, there have been so many revelations to who one is, or can be. There have been those who come out sexually as: gay (males who like those of the same gender), lesbian (females who like those of the same gender), asexual (those who are not sexually attracted to either sex), bisexual…

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  • Asexuality Classification Essay

    we discussed three umbrella sexualities: homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality and learned about the different identities within each. A homosexual is someone who feels attracted to, desires and/or wants to practice with someone of the same sex and/or gender. This term was coined in the 1920s, when a writer accidentally switched the two original words homosexul and hereosexul and added an extra letter to each. Today there are numerous labels within homosexuality to better define the way…

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  • Gender Differences In Asexuality Research

    If no experiments are done, then the lack of information can create a misunderstanding in the community, resulting in a misdiagnosis. This is why it is so important to do more research in the asexual community so that they are not wrongly labeled as having a disorder like the homosexuals in early DSM copies a few decades ago. Similar to a homosexual or bisexual identity, Scherrer explicitly states that asexuality is an identity that somebody is biologically, not a choice. This definition, though…

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  • Asexual Romantic Relationships

    research is looking at how often and for what reasons asexuals engage in various types of sexual activities with a partner, and what are the potential consequences of them doing so (Chasin, 2011). Longitudinal research designs looking at features of sexual orientation development and changes over time might help bring a better understanding to the development, characteristics, and trajectory of asexuality (Brotto et al., 2010). Demographic studies aimed self-identified asexuals and…

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