Ashoka the Great

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  • How Did Ashoka Influence The Mauryan Empire

    Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire ruled like no other. Ashoka Maurya built the largest empire in Indian history, paved the road for Buddhism’s entrance as a major world religion, and strengthened the Silk Roads for trade.[1] Many people believe that he ruled tyrannically, like a despot who enjoyed bloodshed and war, such as those accounts translated by Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya. Even though Ashoka admitted to his poor leadership skills in the beginning, he went through a spiritual revival that led him to become a great leader in history. Afterwards, Ashoka promoted Buddhism, gave up war and violence, and made laws to endorse peace and justice in his kingdom, and beyond.[2] Ashoka the Great inspired the Mauryan Empire to its zenith through his leadership, compassion, dedication, and integrity, as well as his visionary optimism for equality and goodwill throughout his realm. Ashoka 's original methods of ruling his empire followed the mannerisms of his ancestors, especially emulating his grandfather 's ways: efficient but cruel. Prior to Ashoka’s rule, the Mauryan Empire consisted of Pakistan and India, minus the east coast and southernmost tip.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Persian And Mauryan Empires

    The Persian Empire built monumental palaces with paintings depicting images of royalty and supernatural creatures. They used pillars as a support system which soon became a very popular architecture structural style. The Mauryan Empire also found great pride in the construction of their palaces. They used pillars adorned with golden vines and silver birds as support and the palaces were known for their remarkable workmanship. Both empires strived to have the most beautiful and elaborate…

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  • How Important Is The Caste System Important To The Social Order In India During Ancient Times?

    The influence of Alexander the Great can be seen more in the capital city Chandragupta reign when Wood compares that ancient capital to ancient Rome. 8. What does Chandragupta’s death tell us about religion and salvation in India? When Chandragupta was in power India faced famine, which lead Chandragupta to renounced his power and turn to a Jade guru to bow. He then went to seek penance for salvation and forgiveness. He starved himself in a cave to seek knowledge and freedom. All this tell…

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  • How Did Ashoka Change The Maurya Empire

    Ashoka(304-232BCE),was the third Indian emperor of the Maurya Dyansty. He was said as one of the greatest king in the Indian history. Under his control, the empire extended its territories and became the largest to have ever existed in the acient Indian subcontinent, The Maurya Empire(322-185 BCE) was ruled by the Mauryan dynasty. The empire is known for its military strength, highly organized and powerful political in ancient India. Ashoka was better leader than previous kings due to the fact…

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  • History And History Of The Great Stupa Through India

    meaning. My experience with the different scared spaces gave me knowledge on culture and the history of my heritage. India has so many scared spaces such as the Great Stupa in India and the Kandariya Mahadeva in India, which carry significant spirituality and religious art aspects. King Ashoka as part of big Buddhist monastery built the…

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  • Philosopher King Asoka's Legacy

    The 2001 Bollywood film Asoka is a rendition of King Asoka Maurya’s legacy. Bindusara Asoka’s father is about to renounce the throne to his successor. In this depiction, Asoka is seen to be very skillful and fierce in martial arts. He leads his troops in battle and even though he and his men were outnumbered. Asoka comes home a hero, which angers his half-brother Susima who wants Asoka dead and there is press to be seated at their father’s throne. Susima had ordered to make Asoka battle with…

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  • Asoka The Mauryan Empire Dbq

    He spread his teachings to as far as Egypt and Syria so that all of mankind could be morally righteous. “This astonishing ruler, beloved still in India and many other parts of Asia, devoted himself to the spread of Buddha’s teachings, to righteousness and goodwill, and to the public for the good of his people.” (Document F). Asoka not only cared about the wellbeing of his people, but he also spread the teachings of Buddhism so that all can learn and prosper. When thousands died during a war,…

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  • Asoka DBQ

    Asoka Ruthless Conqueror or Enlightened Ruler When I think of the word ruthless, I think of Asoka. Now you may be asking who is Asoka? Asoka was the emperor of the Mauryan Empire and the grandchild of Chandragupta Maurya. His rule lasted from 268 B.C.E, to his death in 232 B.C.E. To this day he is known as the founding father of India and introduced a form of government based in Buddhist spiritual belief. Asoka was a ruthless conqueror because he violently took over regions, greedily took over…

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  • The Fall Of King Asoka

    shocked by the horrors of war he saw,3 and this doubtless made him wish to stay away from such bloodshed brought about by war in the future. But still, he was a ruler first, and as such he had to ensure that his people remained firmly under his control. Some years after his coronation and victory in Kalinga, Asoka began erecting several stone pillars across the lands of India, each topped with a carving of an animal and each possessing a carved edict from him. Each pillar was near either a…

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  • King Ashoka Research Paper

    Shubhadrang and Bindusara had a child and they named him Ashoka. Ashoka was an Indian emperor of the Mauryan dynasty. When he grew up he was a very bold, troublesome and a very cruel man. Ashoka was very interested in war and fighting. According to legend Ashoka had killed a lion a wooden stick. He was given a nickname called “Chand Ashoka” which meant “Ashoka the fierce”. Ashoka’s brothers were scared of him and his brothers convinced their father, Bindusara to make Ashoka a general to the…

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