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  • Chandragupta Maurya And The Fall Of The Mauryan Empire

    In 321 B.C., Chandragupta Maurya had been married into royalty and then set-out to overthrow the Nanda King, thus starting the Mauryan Empire. Thought this empire, there were three people who had ruled it, Chandragupta, his son, and his grandson Asoka. During Chandra’s rule, he had fought Seleucus I and defeated him in 202 B.C., and set out to expand his territory through conquest. By 303 B.C. ,he had achieved more than 2.000 ml of land, as well as politically uniting the northern parts of India. Chandra was more violent about his way of ruling, having political assassinations, spies within his government, harsh taxes, etc. Eventually his rule ended, and was passed down to his son in 301 B.C., which he would rule for 32 years. Then, Asoka…

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  • Who Is Alexander The Great Really Great

    Alexander “The Great” Really was Great I believe that Alexander was a rather great person. Alexander III was a remarkable man who had an incredible mind and was able to conquer half of the known world in his time at a very young age. He was known for his overall greatness and greatness of his acts which I will now write a couple examples of in the following paragraphs. One way Alexander showed his greatness was through using his sharp mind. A way he did that is when he was battling Porus.…

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  • Alexander The Great: Why Alexander Isn T Great?

    At a young age Alexander took control of the Macedonians, while people thought he was going to be great. Many believe that Alexander is not great. In fact, people all him Alexander of Macedonia because Alexander did not treat the people he conquered. Yes, Alexander was not great, and lacked concern for others, but Alexander is great because of his remarkable achievements in his short life period, and Alexander did have concern for others because he did care for his people. Alexander, the son of…

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  • Caesar Essay: The Military Career Of Julius Caesar

    Throughout his military career, Julius Caesar exhibited extraordinary strategic prowess and generalship. It was due to his actions and decisions, both during battles and in the daily operation of his army, that he was so successful in all of his campaigns. His unique strategies, inspiring leadership, and the strict training regimen he gave his troops all played a role. The battles of the Roman Civil War were no exception and the battle of Pharsalus against rival general Pompey is an excellent…

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  • Alexander The Great: Hero Or Villain?

    Alexander the Great funny you think that, but he is not so great. Take into thought of every single tremendously horrendous warfare he has committed and you can tell already that he is a villain. As stated in the PowerPoint, “Forces spent three years ruthlessly putting down any resistance slaughtering males and selling females and children into slavery”. In the most insightful way, he charged his way to the top as a leader. His army did away with anyone out of their mind to question Alexander.…

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  • How Important Is The Caste System Important To The Social Order In India During Ancient Times?

    The influence of Alexander the Great can be seen more in the capital city Chandragupta reign when Wood compares that ancient capital to ancient Rome. 8. What does Chandragupta’s death tell us about religion and salvation in India? When Chandragupta was in power India faced famine, which lead Chandragupta to renounced his power and turn to a Jade guru to bow. He then went to seek penance for salvation and forgiveness. He starved himself in a cave to seek knowledge and freedom. All this tell…

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  • Philosopher King Asoka's Legacy

    Although the movie was entertaining It did not give the proper hysteria for the “Philosopher King”, Asoka’s legacy. When portraying such stories there needed to be a bit more dramatizing in certain segments of the film. For example in the very beginning when Chandragupta catches Asoka with his sword , although the event was fictional the actor did not portray a sense of emotion to the sword that “Thirsted for blood” not much disgust was felt. When Asoka leaves into a wilderness it simply seems…

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  • Asoka DBQ

    Asoka Ruthless Conqueror or Enlightened Ruler When I think of the word ruthless, I think of Asoka. Now you may be asking who is Asoka? Asoka was the emperor of the Mauryan Empire and the grandchild of Chandragupta Maurya. His rule lasted from 268 B.C.E, to his death in 232 B.C.E. To this day he is known as the founding father of India and introduced a form of government based in Buddhist spiritual belief. Asoka was a ruthless conqueror because he violently took over regions, greedily took over…

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  • How Did Ashoka Influence The Mauryan Empire

    like no other. Ashoka Maurya built the largest empire in Indian history, paved the road for Buddhism’s entrance as a major world religion, and strengthened the Silk Roads for trade.[1] Many people believe that he ruled tyrannically, like a despot who enjoyed bloodshed and war, such as those accounts translated by Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya. Even though Ashoka admitted to his poor leadership skills in the beginning, he went through a spiritual revival that led him to become a great leader in…

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  • Compare And Contrast Persian And Mauryan Empires

    Although the Persian and Mauryan empires differed in the religion they adopted and ruled in accordance with, they were similar in their advancements in science and technology and their use of materials and types of architectural structures they built because similar ideas of what materials were the most sustainable and what was the most extravagant and impressive structures applied throughout Eastern World. These differences and similarities defined the development of the Persian and Mauryan…

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