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  • Analysis Of Channel Orange

    Channel Orange One of the artists that has inspired me to produce my own music is Frank Ocean with his second album, Channel Orange. The first time that I ever listened to the album back in 2012, I remember thinking, “Holy shi*t…I have never heard anything like this before in my life.” Telling a song-by-song story, his poetic lyrics about his personal sexuality, strip clubs, pregnancy, wealth, drugs, and corruption show Frank’s slightly strange perception of it all. That is one thing that really intrigued me the most. To have such real-life, and uncomforting situations spilled into a seventeen track album is really powerful. With this, you can relay any sort of message and perception you please as an artist. Although Frank had a good amount…

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  • Feminist Analysis Of Disney Channel

    Disney Channel was quick to recognize females would put their money where “liberation” appeared signifying that third-wave ideals of girl power are related to consumer power. Rather than use girl power as a true political stance, Disney Channel used it as an industrial strategy to cultivate their audience and justify the commodification of young females and the prioritization of consumption over substance. Having now established the feministic atmosphere that would allow for this decade of…

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  • The Importance Of Television

    It is always right for kids. There are many kids channels in television such as: PBS kids, Cartoon network, and Disney channel. Each channel has their own special program, but their same purpose is entertainment. For example, children really love PBS kids. Absolutely, they watched it all day when they were little. In addition, people usually found their children watched these channels in their school while they were waiting for their parents. It means that school also uses television as a school…

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  • Channel Or Distribution Channel Case Study

    delivery network is composed of the company, suppliers, distributors and eventually the customers, where all parties partner together to improve the performance of the whole system in delivering customer value1. The marketing channel and/or distribution channel are a set of mutually dependent organizations that help make and design a product or service available for users or consumers. Channel members can add value by providing more efficiency and specialization in making goods or services. Some…

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  • Trpm2 Channel Analysis

    Introduction Different channel in the body they come from different families, and can have different function depending where they are found in the body. TRPM2 channel is part of a family called transient receptor channel (TRP) [4], and it can be found in many different part of the body, but we will be concentrating on it in the pancreatic β-cell. This channel can be activated by different molecules such as adenosine diphosphate ribose (ADPR) and many others, and through these molecules secret…

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  • Channel Transition Essay

    flow may fail completely to flow the channel walls. Several experimental studies carried out before to find out the losses in the abrupt expansion (Hinds 1928; Formica, 1955; Smith and Yu, 1966; Mazumdar, 1967; Nashta and Garde, 1988). The channel transition ratio (B/b) has a significant influence upon the…

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  • The Importance Of Learning Channels

    learning game shows, teaching/tutorials, various specials, etc. Of course, these channels should be prohibited from showing anything contrary to the above, or its corresponding commercials. In all probability, we need to seek out producers and writers who will work on material that is inspiring to its viewers, definitely exempt from foul or vulgar language. At the onset, television programs and movies that will instill wholesomeness due to its content, and as a result will benefit the…

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  • Disney Channel Analysis

    Young talent has been an important part of The Walt Disney Company since the introduction of Disney Channel in 1983 (Padilla 18). Disney Channel is a television channel that creates and broadcasts original programs and made-for-television films. The community of child actors and singers representing Disney Channel is constantly evolving, which changes the value of the channel as a whole. As child stars grow older and no longer fit the mold that Disney Channel requires, they are replaced with…

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  • Benefits Of Potassium Channels

    Potassium channels (KC) are selective transmembrane proteins that allow K+ ions flow down an electrochemical gradient across cell membrane, thus controlling plasma membrane potential in both excitable and non-excitable cells (Szabo, Zoratti&Gulbins, 2010). Evolutionarily conserved KC family is one of the larges and most diverse of ion channels (Table1). Its diversity comes not only from a large number of genes coding for main subunits (over 80 mammalian genes). Many other processes such as…

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  • Channel Orange Analysis

    Why Blonde overshadows Channel Orange Ever since July 10, 2012,when R&B singer Frank Ocean released his first Grammy winning album by the name Channel Orange, many of his fans have been begging him to make another album. He spent two years teasing his fans about another album very soon, but it never happened. With many fans getting impatient he felt the need to finally address his fans about a second album in which he released his surprise second album "Blonde". Within the first week of the…

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