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  • Personal Narrative: Rodeo

    was a local cowboy church that puts on a youth rodeo for the kids. It’s now mid-March and a crisp, cool, sunny day. One of those days that you just love looking up in the blue sky watching the fluffy, white clouds float by and as I take a deep breath, I feel the excitement of our sons first day of riding a sheep. Dylan jumps out of the cab and I say, “get in the back of the truck so we can get you ready“. As he is climbing on the tailgate, I look around at all the boys and girls and think to myself, wow they all mean business. I grab his black duffle bag and pull out all the safety gear. Let me see, helmet with face cage? Check. Flak jacket and fancy bull riding chaps? Check. The first thing I do is tape his pants and boots down so they don’t come off his foot if he gets bucked off. Next the chaps go on. Wow, I think to myself, this boy is starting to look like the cowboys he hasn’t stopped talking about for the last two months. I grab his protective flak jacket and helmet and then help him jump off the tailgate. Dylan asks, “can I go and see the sheep and other cowboys?” I tell him, “yes, but be respectful and have fun”. As my wife walks up after registering him to ride, I tell her how proud I am of Dylan and for even wanting to try this. She said, “Dylan is just like his Daddy, once you get something in your head, you won’t stop till it’s accomplished”. I just smile and give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her, “let’s go show our little cowboy the…

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  • Importance Of Rodeo

    pouring rain. We had all been sitting around talking and having fun, waiting for the last event, bull riding, to roll around. “Hey guys, that was my dad, they’re loading bulls right now.” I told the bull riders standing around me. There was a collective groan, for we had all been hoping that the rain would stop in time for the bull riding, but it clearly hadn’t as we could all hear the intense sound of raindrops pelting the tin roof of the indoor barn. As I approached my gear, I said a quick…

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  • Olaudah Equiano Quotes

    had often delivered him in times past which still gave him some hope that he might still help him, but conditions grew worse and when the captain ordered the men to nail down the hatches where the slaves were, Olaudah thought his sin was the cause of all of this and that God would charge him with these people’s blood; this though so overwhelmed him that he passed out but when he came to he labored with all of his might for their preservation.19 Endnotes 1.Olaudah Equiano, The Life of Olaudah…

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  • The Concept Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

    Sal says of Dean Moriarty at the beginning of On The Road: “Dean just raced in society, eager for bread and love; he didn’t care one way or another” (Kerouac end of chapter 1 p1). This is reflective of Dean’s hedonistic motivations; seeking satisfaction from the sensual and emotional aspects of human nature. This “Dionysian irresponsibility” manifests in his willingness to steal “cars for joy rides” and “quietly filling the gas tank” in order to ensure the attendant doesn’t catch him stealing…

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  • Theme Of Loneliness In Huckleberry Finn

    his life and the changes since the audience last heard from him in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Huck’s character goes from being a secondary character to the main character in this novel. As Huck begins to talk about his life, Mark Twain’s use diction to expresses the motif of loneliness makes it clear Huck disagrees with society. “Miss Watson she kept pecking at me, and it got tiresome and lonesome”(Chap. 1, P. 7).…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Diction Analysis

    Jack, one of the main characters, is attempting to hunt this pig for sustenance. However he does not succeed and when he comes back he voices his though that “I thought I might- kill.” (Chap 3. Pg 71) Jack is still unsure of going through with these actions and the concept that he could’ve killed has been embedded in his brain which is giving a glimpse into the dark side of human nature. Golding personifies the idea of being a killer by saying “He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and…

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  • Summary: The Military Approach

    ISO 9000 procedures required, not what the customer wanted. The consequence was quality fell. As a result, they reimplemented ISO 9000, but instead of writing down what each function did, they wrote down how they processed a project from receipt of customer order to delivery of the building to the customer. Rather than aligning the procedures vertically with the functions, they aligned them horizontally with the project process. They took a process approach. They also recognized that every…

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  • Savagery Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

    makes decisions on his own and uses terror to gather followers, therefore, represents savagery and a desire for power. Whereas, Ralph is a thoughtful leader, that considers and consults. He is motivated by a desire to improve circumstances for everybody, therefore, represents order and leadership. Further illustration the allegory is the conch, acting as a symbol of order and authority. Henceforth, readers can benefit from understanding how these allegories apply to society and human nature. In…

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  • Analysis Of Virginia Woolf's In Praise Of Fake News

    Orlando is not shocked or surprised by her sex change, in fact, Woolf tells us Orlando feels great joy and exclaims: “Praise God I’m a woman!” (Chap.4). However, she does, at times feels the limitations of being female and is vexed about female burdensome and unwieldly dress. Woolf relates Orlando’s newfound predicament thus: “…this is a pleasant, lazy way of life, to be sure. But,’ she thought, giving her legs a kick, ‘these skirts are plaguey things to have about one’s heels” (Chap.4). Even…

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  • Nutritional Intervention And Ethical Dilemmas

    system health. Because HIV/AIDS weakens the immune system, the best defense second to ARV (antiretroviral pharmaceuticals) and ART (antiretroviral therapy) is proper nutrition and exercise. A healthy diet helps to sustain to the best possible extent the health of the immune system because it plays a pivotal role in the body’s aptitude to fight against illness and disease. For individuals with HIV, nutrition is especially important in the prevention of rapid progression to AIDS. With that in…

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