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  • Floating Charge Case Study

    Creation of the floating charge in English jurisdiction had been developed throughout the nineteenth century. In Holroyd v Marshall1 in 1862, all of future assets could be charged and obtained after its acquisition by the debtor. This principle creates problem on how the company could run its business as a going concern and the company could be paralysed because the company’s business relied ultimately on its assets. This problem was solved by Sir Giffard LJ in Re Panama, New Zealand and Australian Royal Mail Company 2 that the security transactions could not disrupt the company to carry on its ordinary business until the creditors enforce their rights under the charge or the debtor is winding up. The definition of a floating charge was first…

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  • Space Charge And Electric Field Distribution

    the physical model and numerical procedure of calculating the dynamics of space charge and electric field distribution in cable insulation material under DC voltage. Electric field distribution and formation of space charge The dependency of electric field distribution on time and temperature is obvious in HVDC system. This is due to the resistivity/conductivity dependency on temperature and electric field [1, 44]. It is also clear that the formation of space charge within the insulation…

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  • Theme Of War In The Charge Of The Light Brigade By Wilfred Owen

    Alfred, Lord Tennyson has a positive attitude towards war. ''The Charge of the Light Brigade'' was about a hopeless charge into ''the valley of death'', where many of the 600 men died, all because of a fault in communications, although this isn't how Tennyson presents the battle. He does not call it hopeless, but instead heroic. He shows how noble and well disciplined the soldiers were to follow the order…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Charge Of The Light Brigade And Dulce Et Decorum Est

    The two poems that I chose were The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and the second that I chose was Dulce Et Decorum Est, by Wilfred Owen. The first poem The Charge of the Light Brigade, strait away with the first stanza of the poem there was a rhythm starting to occur, that sounded like chanting or galloping of the troops and horses, which linked to the theme of the poem of the troops going into battle on horseback. Looking at the poem, the writer had laid it out neatly…

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  • Pickett's Charge

    One of the major ill-decisions made by Lee that contributed to the overall defeat of the Confederate army at the Battle of Gettysburg was the ordering of Pickett’s Charge. Pickett’s Charge is considered one of the most famous events during the three day battle. It took place on the third day when Lee ordered General George Pickett plus six brigades from adjacent corps to charge up the middle of Cemetery Hill where the Federal center was located and ultimately unhinge Meade’s entire force. The…

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  • Personification In The Poem Exposure

    Even a century long time after his death, Wilfred Owen is still famous for his war poetry written during World War 1. In his poem, Owen uses various language techniques to vividly illustrate the horrendous reality of the war. Hence, he communicates his own anti-war feelings implied beneath his techniques. However, although he is now known as an anti-war poet, for once, he had been a naive boy, who had volunteered to fight in war. At first, he was thrilled to fight for one’s country. But soon,…

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  • Analysis: The Charge: Genocide

    movie screen. Scenes filled with dead, decaying bodies laying on the ground, wives experiencing the heartache for their husbands to return in one piece, and fully loaded machine guns reaching their peak and plunging into the enemy. “‘Well this is intense”’, I say in my head. My eyes wandered in awe all across the screen. Suddenly I saw fragile children struggling to hold up their weapons. “‘Well this is different’.” Could you ever imagine this? Well, in countries such as Sudan and Somalia,…

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  • Pickett's Charge Essay

    The battle of July 1-3, 1863 was fought at a town called, Gettysburg, which was the intersection of the principle streets, in Pennsylvania, while Gen. Lee was gone to Maryland and Pennsylvania through Virginia 's Shenandoah Valley. The fight was a serial of forth and back of their past positions between the armed forces. Armed force of Potomac (90,000 men under Gen. George G. Meade) and the Confederate armed force (75,000 man of Northern Virginia Army under Gen. Robert E. Lee) met up in a three…

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  • Failure Of The Charge Nurse

    The clinical nursing phenomenon in the case study is the failure of Justin, the charge nurse to communicate with Cindy when she was clearly not meeting the job expectations. Health care workers plays an important role in patients’ safety as reported by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). With the guidance and recommendations by IOM to improve nurses’ work environment, it is the nurse leader responsibility to act upon those recommendations. The charge nurse or manager duty is to provide consistent…

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  • Financial Analysis: Impairment Charges

    Additionally, impairment charges also allow investors to be able to assess corporate management and how they make decisions. Companies that write off a lot of charges due to impairment have not made strategic investment decisions. On the other hand, managements that choose to take an all-encompassing charge should be viewed more favorably than companies that take recurring impairment charges-manipulating their position. Recent research conducted by KPMG, indicated “impairment charges have the…

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