Charles and Ray Eames

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  • Compare And Contrast House And Farnsworth House

    The Eames House and Farnsworth house do share common material and tectonic expression. They are constructed of similar materials and in somewhat similar fashions. Additionally, both forms are constructed in a fashion that allows them to be apart of its surrounding site. However, they do have divergences. They differ mainly in how they relate to their surroundings, and how their different constructions allow the surroundings to affect the forms. Additionally, tectonics and material expression are both still very important and relevant in modern day architecture, and there are many buildings that show this. The houses similarly share the concept of being of “skin and bones” design. They are both constructed of steel and glass materials, and…

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  • The Eames House Analysis

    The Eames created a distinct space where nature and civilization impact and affect the presence of one another. Human relationship to the surrounding social environment is also pertinent when constructing the Eames’s narrative. Ray Eames’s sculpture fashioned from a salvaged post of the old Ocean Park Pier sits in the patio space directly outside of the living room. The sculpture was fashioned from a 5-foot burnt wooden beam with a rusted curving spike protruding from the top. Ray Eames did…

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  • Eero Saarinen: A Career In Architecture

    in architecture. Not only did Saarinen adopt his father’s career path, he adopted a large number of his principles and attributes as well, such as his ambition, talent, diligence, respect for fine craftsmanship, belief in the interrelations of the arts, and profound respect for nature. Needless to say Saarinen (Sr.) had a very strong influence on Saarinen’s (Jr.) direction and drive, in fact he later stated that “it never occurred to [him] to do anything but follow in [his] father’s footsteps.” …

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  • Importance Of Visual Communication Design

    illustration, colour, signs and digital resources. Understanding visuals has been an instinctive practice since the days of cavemen. We comprehend and retain information in the form of visuals faster than text. From the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt, Guttenberg’s printing press to modernism and the digital age- the means and methods of communication improved as we evolved. The perception of design depends on how it is communicated. While mass production and industrialization took over the…

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  • Postwar Sarasota School Essay

    that they immediately became popular beach houses. The most celebrated of the small, striking homes Rudolph built in private practice, the Walker Guest House, was also his favorite. Located on Florida’s Sanibel Island’s, the 24 by 24 foot cottage sits among sand dunes, and has glass walls on each side that are shaded by wooden panels that can be raised and lowered. It was intended to accompany a larger main house, but its owners liked the simple structure with its creative rope and pulley…

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  • Advantages Of Home Office Furniture

    are reasonably sturdy for the purpose. Oak panelling is sure to introduce a luxurious note in your home office. Some other more affordable options include plywood, fibreboard, chipboard and MDF. They are manufactured wood and not the natural ones. So they would lack the texture and durability of the same. But what plywood and chipboard lack in charm, they make up more in affordability. Apart from wood and cast iron, aluminium is extensively used to manufacture office furniture. While aluminium…

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  • The Importance Of Living Room Layouts

    combined style suited the ever shrinking interiors of modern abodes. You may also find more eclectic styles like leather Chesterfields more appropriate for the decor you are following. Sectional sofas are great boon for small spaces as they can be neatly tucked in any of the corners. A loveseat may prove to be as fitting in your tiny lounge as in the media room. Though a cynosure of all eyes, sofa is only one of the many items to grace our living rooms. The search for stylish chairs could be…

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  • Opera House Essay

    and he had won in 7 of the competition he had entered but had not seen any of his designs built but The Sydney opera house was the first, one of his won in the 7 competition work and the masterwork of his lifetime. He was born on 9 April 1918, in Copenhagen. He grows up in the town of Aalborg and his father as an architect and engineer and director of the local shipyard. To follow his father as a navel engineer, Utzon decided to study Architecture at the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Art and he…

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