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  • Three Square Fet Case Study

    If Three Square Feet would like to expand while keeping its non-profit business model in place they can establish partnerships with famous celebrities, national sports organizations, and government organisations (such as police and fire). These are some logical partnerships they can establish that would not change their business model while growing and expanding their awareness in society. For example, a famous celebrity such as an actor or singer can partner with Three Square Feet and endorse the organization. The celebrity can influence many fans that they possess in the direction of Three Square Feet’s goal. Anything from mentioning the organization in an interview to doing dedicated events with fans and supporters, Three Square Feet would be able to grow by being…

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  • Vietnamese Social Work

    This model is adapted from the original model for service delivery in mental health proposed by H. Nguyen (2013). In the proposed model, two main units provide social services, including Buddhism-based charitable and philanthropic organizations (informal social service units) and social work centers (formal social service units). Buddhism-based charitable and philanthropic organizations refer to Buddhist temples and charitable service centers which are undertaken by Buddhist temples or VBS. The…

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  • Poverty In Developed Countries

    people push for an increase in adoption of ways that can bring help to the affected areas. The poverty is often displayed by the constant deficiency in edibles, safe drinking water and lack of a place to live and even the deficiency of clothes. Many organs have to take up the responsibility to gather money and help the poor people that the help of individuals make generous monetary contributions. This paper will more specifically explore how to use some ways of charity organizations offer…

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  • Kenya Community Development Foundation: What Is A Foundation?

    What is a foundation? A foundation is a non-profit organization that supports charitable activities in order to serve a common good. Foundations are often created from contributions made by individuals, families or even corporations. Foundations can make investments from the money donated and later issue grants and various types of support through operating essential programs. Foundation focuses on the objectives through which they are formed. However, some foundations have a general welfare…

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  • Theories Of Helping Behavior Study

    Social Psychology. Social Psychology is defined as the study of how the presence of people can affect one individual 's behaviors, thoughts, and feelings (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2014). Theories of helping behavior are important when having a charitable organization that wants to assist a third world country in education, vaccination, and nutrition. One must assess why they are helping and ensure the reasons for helping a valid and for the pure pleasure to help and not a big ego. When…

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  • Front Street Hospital Case Study

    The answer is clear – they were not. Aside from their harassment and predatory tactics on indigent patients, their cardinal failure was “avoiding their obligation to provide charitable services as required by their not-for-profit status” (Ch. 5, p.238). Part of the insidiousness of this entire affair was due to the hospital’s pubic and committed mission towards bettering the lives of any and all ailing patients, especially those who would traditionally lack the funds for proper treatment. The…

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  • External Stakeholders Of Oxfam

    Stakeholders Oxfam’s internal stakeholders; Oxfam’s internal stakeholders include Directors, organisers, employees/staff and trustees these are the internal stakeholder because they work within the organisation and have an interest in its success. As Oxfam is a non-profit organisation its staff still make money out of running it successfully so their interest is to do the best for the organisation so they can maintain their careers and help many people while at it. For example, the directors…

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  • Stakeholders: The Importance Of Charity Sports Events

    A charity sports event is a participatory sports event that raises funds for a charitable cause from the participants and the public in exchange for their presence at the event (Woolf et al., 2013). Several factors have contributed towards the popularity of charity sports events. Marathons, cycling events and even matches that are sponsored by voluntary organizations are considered as critical components in enhancing community prestige as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle (Edwards &…

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  • Non Profit Entity Essay

    15 Sept - Registering a Non-Profit Entity in Singapore - SGInc – Shri Ref link: Registering a Non-Profit Entity in Singapore A large number of people are interested in doing their bit in the interest of society and public. Singapore allows them to register non-profit organizations (NPO) and give their efforts a legal status. Types of Business Structures  A Society  A Charitable Trust  A Public Company…

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  • Nonprofit Organization Case Study

    Executive Director of a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save the rain forests in Brazil. You plan to raise money for your mission by selling memberships in your organization. You have decided that in order to reach your goals, you need to hire a marketing manager. You have interviewed several qualified people, all of whom are currently marketing memberships in for-profit organizations and making about the same income that your position will pay. Assuming you could not offer more…

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