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  • Listen To Country Music

    Music is an important thing in people’s life. Music has grown with people generation to generation, and it gets change time over time. Must of people listen to music for what it has of bower that makes the person happy and relax. In my country which it Oman people listening to many songs especially Arabic songs, country, and hip-hop. Usually the oldest people listen to country songs. 25 years from now people in my hometown did not know music very much, so I did not know music a lot. Although, I rarely listen to music and that when I was a child. When I was 7 years old I entered the school and there was some courses for music and that when I started recognize music. I learned many things about it. I knew that music has many types and musical scale. My experience about music started to extend, but did not go that deep because we did not had a modern technology. However, when technology came to our area and the TV and radio had spread I get the chance to listen to music a lot. After that music start to extend a lot and people got some information about music. Sometime we have to listen to music when we are angry, worry, and fried. When I was 11 years old I listenend to Arabic music which has many songs such as a romantic, rob, and…

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  • The History Of Country Music

    Music in general has evolved so much over the years. Interesting enough many different genres of music have been added to the world of music. There have also been quite a few new sub-genres created. Even business in the music industry has changed, in the following document as a reader you will explore how country music has gone from traditional country, to what some now refer to as “Modern Country” or “Bro-Country”. The following document will not only focus on the music itself but also how is…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Country Music

    Has “new” country music or “pop” country music redefined country music by overcoming the main stereotypes or has it become a completely new genre? Country music has a longer history than most people realize. It dates back to around the 1920s when people started taking old tunes that their grandparents brought from their homeland, and combining them with a version of African American Blues. Even though this genre has had a longer time to evolve than some of the newer genres of today, if you were…

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  • Essay On Country Music

    For over 90 of years’ country music has been an enjoyable source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. With the reputation of an upbeat and feel good vibe country songs have, it is no wonder country music has been around for so long. Country artists are specifically known for singing about the outdoors, relationships, and alcohol. They are able to provide a direct connection using these three topics, between themselves and their audiences. Country music usually consists of a…

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  • Country Music Analysis

    Take a step south of the Mason-Dixon Line and ask about music. You will find that, while all different genres of music from techno to jazz are enjoyed, the south is built on country music. Country is a genre of music that not only gives the listener something enjoyable to tap their foot to, but is often relatable. Country is a style of music that no matter what kind of day the listener is having or the mood they are in, the perfect song exists. Whatever a person is feeling, there is an artist…

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  • Country Music Superstar: Garth Brooks

    I. Country Music Superstar Troyal Garth Brooks better known as Garth Brooks. Has an interesting story in the music industry, starting at a young age Garth sang to perform and always had to be the center of attention. Garth has a huge love for family and friends; the music was just a voice. Nemours albums and music awards made Brooks the king of country music. Who was Garth behind the mic, besides a performer? Looking in his past, present, and future where Garth unleashes stories of childhood,…

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  • Country Music Research Paper

    one of the most influential and famous sounds in the history of the country music and influenced many artists and bands worldwide. The Bakersfield Sound focused on staying true to the country music genre with loud, upbeat, hokey, and honky-tonk tunes and is considered in relation to sounds from Nashville, Tennessee. The most successful, influential, and famous country artists and musicians originated in Bakersfield, California in the late 1950’s. These artists included Buck Owens, Tommy…

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  • In You Ve Got The Wrong Song: Nashville And Country Music Feminism

    and endured a bloody civil war, but Americans were far from cleared of civil issues. American women have endured a long history of having constitutional rights denied to them. Specifically, In You’ve Got the Wrong Song: Nashville and Country Music Feminism, writer Claire Miye Stanford delves into the issues that the feminist movement with its relationship with country music. Country music has historically been profoundly anti-feminist, and Stanford cites Tammy Wynette for advising women to,…

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  • How Did Country Music Develop

    Emerging from the southern states of the USA, country music was one of the earliest genres in modern American history. The birthplace of country, or early folk music, was in Bristol, Tennessee. This developing style is a mix of folk music from the British Isles, church hymns, and African American blues. By the early 1900s, the recording industry was booming and brought about many new talents. In 1927, Ralph Peer of Victor Records noticed that most musicians had to travel to New York to make…

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  • Essay On Outlaw Country Music

    Whether it be in the car, at the gym, at a concert, or even in an elevator, music is everywhere. People listen to music to calm down or to get pumped up; some listen to music to either make them happy or sad. Country music is one of the most popular genre of music today. Although there are several reasons to like other genres of country music, such as honky tonk and rockabilly, outlaw country music strikes a much deeper connection with its fan making it so much more popular. Honky tonk is what…

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