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  • Country Music Research Paper

    Before Buck Owens made it big, his original stomping grounds were performing in local bars located in Bakersfield such as The Blackboard Café, which was one of Bakersfield’s hit nightclubs in the 1905’s. Buck then eventually made his way across the nation singing his songs and telling his stories. He performed music by himself, several duets, and played in the band called The Buckaroos. Buck Owens songs are very different than most country songs that arose from the Nashville era. His songs were very upbeat, with rockabilly and Spanish-like tunes in his music. His music told tales and stories, and his music had the effect that made people want to dance to them. Buck created his “own type” of music and legacy, which influenced many artists and still continue to influence more artists today after his passing in 2006. Buck’s music described how Bakersfield is and how people viewed Bakersfield as a place itself. In Bucks song, “Streets of Bakersfield” which he later records as a duet with Dwight Yoakham. According to Buck Owens, the song is describing about “coming to Bakersfield after moving from miles away and trying to find something better, and to get a chance to be himself. Without having to impress anyone or be someone else he’s not. He’s also questioning…

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  • The History Of Country Music

    cases divided artist and made them chose sides. One could say that it was male egos getting the best of them, and some might agree, but woman are also getting involved in disagreements over the change in country music over the years. Woman in the music industry have not always been able to express their opinions freely, not matter what genre was in question. Naomi Judd who was popular back in the eighties, nighty’s, and really early two-thousands, had some things to say. At the CMT (Country…

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  • The Elvis Presley And The Civil Rights Movement

    Music soothes the soul and can connect to people on a deeper level than almost anything else. However, prior to Elvis Presley and the1950s that was not the case, music was segregated and dull, Elvis changed this forever. Elvis and his music came at a time when the baby boomers were all teenagers and beginning to identify themselves and discover music. The civil rights movement was just about to begin, and the tension between whites and blacks was just beginning to decrease. The two races found…

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  • Rock And Roll In The 60's

    Rocking Around When Rock and Roll rose in the 1950’s and 60’s parents began questioning themselves if they believed that Rock and Roll music was the cause for the breaking down of America’s traditional family which separated the ties between America’s youth from family values and morality, sexual, and racial customs. After WWII, people were ready to live life a little, be able relax, and live I up (Repellent). From the big jazz concert band music of the early 1950’s throughout the middle of the…

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  • The 1950s And The Civil Rights Movement In The 1950s

    The 1950’s was a decade of traditionalist, middle-class, suburban white family values. At the time, the standard household consisted of a man to work and provide for his wife and children, and a stay-at-home mom who managed cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids. The 1950’s could very well be compared to the television programs of the day; dull. It was rock and roll that added a vibrant splash of color to mid-20th century American society and continued to impact the world for years to come.…

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  • The Role Of Teenagers In The 50's

    The word "teenagers" was invented describing people ages 13 to 19. Teenagers in the 50 's had a significant role in Canadian history. Teenagers during the 50 's became more difficult. Before the 50 's teens would listen to their parents, however during the 50 's teenagers were beginning to get rebellious, many started to call teens "rebels" or "renegades". They changed society in many ways. The teenagers in the 50 's differed from many other teenagers, they gained more freedom and independence…

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  • Essay On Outlaw Country Music

    popular genre of music today. Although there are several reasons to like other genres of country music, such as honky tonk and rockabilly, outlaw country music strikes a much deeper connection with its fan making it so much more popular. Honky tonk is what most people think of when they think of country music. Honky tonk is often thought of being fast and upbeat, but it is actually very slow paced and the lyrics are emotionally simple and direct. Honky tonk became well known for its music being…

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  • I Feel Fine Music Analysis

    the first minute of the song, which is played to allow a smooth transition into the repetition of the second verse. Throughout the introduction of this song, a change from D major, to C major, to G major all take place with the corresponding vocals entering at a G major. Recorded on March 27th, 1962 at Radio Recorders Hollywood, “Return to Sender” took the number one spot on the UK charts, and was number two on the US charts. During the 1960’s Elvis’s became a movie star, however he still…

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  • Temphis Music History

    the Memphis area could be heard. B.B King was able to launch during this time. His unique way of playing and his love for jazz led blues into a new direction. King got a show on the radio station where he sang, spun records, and played the guitar for the listeners on the radio. The radio was not the only way Memphis Musicians were discovered, Beale Street provided many places for musicians to perform. In the 1950’s Rockabilly was born. This genre is one of the earlier styles of rock and roll…

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  • How Did Country Music Develop

    the genre “Country and Western music”. From this music arose country movies and dances by 1940; singing cowboys were given their big break in Hollywood films called “Westerns”, and Western swing became popular for dancing in Texas, Oklahoma, and California. Western swing bands amplified their instruments to create music loud enough for dance halls. Popular bands such as Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys mixed Western country and swing jazz to create this new style. As if this genre wasn’t…

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