Poverty In Developed Countries

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Poverty is set to be an aspect that is prevalent in many countries around the globe and mandates special attention. The countries not only ask for assistance from developed countries but also the humanity that exists among people push for an increase in adoption of ways that can bring help to the affected areas. The poverty is often displayed by the constant deficiency in edibles, safe drinking water and lack of a place to live and even the deficiency of clothes. Many organs have to take up the responsibility to gather money and help the poor people that the help of individuals make generous monetary contributions. This paper will more specifically explore how to use some ways of charity organizations offer assistance to the poor people about salary, education and the importance. First of all, Kim (2014) presents the notion that prove assistance to the poor people, the globe will totally progress and hence many people will be able to get out of the lower bracket. One way to accomplish this …show more content…
One of the aspects is the deficiency of enough structures that have not a well market that can support the citizens and facilitate development. Also, some areas are affected by the deficiency of enough trade to allow for growth. Research by charitable organs also goes a long way in assisting the policy makers to decide how to handle the areas that are struck by poverty. One of the assumptions made is that areas with large population numbers are automatically poor, but that is not always the case. Therefore, assisting the government in research is a good way of discovering the causes of poverty and hence finding the appropriate solution to the issue. For example, charities should be help government research the positive part of the country, and assisting the government attracts sufficient

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