The Uses Of Poverty: The Poor Pay All By Sociologist Herbert J. Gans

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In the article “The Uses of Poverty: The Poor Pay All” written by sociologist Herbert J. Gans addressed the poor and the poverty and how they function and benefited our society within sociological perspective. Sociologist Herbert J. Gans defined positive thirteen functions that poor people provides to create and benefited our entire social system. (Sociology) According to sociologist Herbert J. Gans, the poor performs dirty tasks but with low pay, from various dirty work for hospitals and restaurants. The sociologist also explained how doctors, businesses, teachers and lawyers receive their income from the poor. Additionally, without poverty or the poor, there would not be any services such as social services. In addition to economic function, the sociologist Herbert J. Gans also analyzed how the poor performed various social functions such as poor people are more likely to participate in deviant acts. The sociologist also mentioned how the poor people are accused of laziness, dishonest and promiscuous. (Sociology) In addition to poor people participating in deviant acts, the sociologist also mentioned how the poor are less likely to engage in politics, which is the main reason why the Republican Party remains in power. Lastly, without the poverty, there would not be a place to build expressway and …show more content…
Gans theory demonstration regarding the poverty in America. Poor people continue to experience the same experience or living conditions due to our social factors within our societies. The division and inequality of groups such as poor and the rich continues within our society. The rich people maintain their statues due to the poor people’s hard labor, lack of resources due to lack of income. Additionally, poor people provide jobs for our social services such as social workers, public health and more. In summary, poor people help function our society and our society benefits from the

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