The Causes And Effects Of Poverty In The Community

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There are many social issues in the community and one of them is poverty. In 2013, fourteen and a half percent of the people in the United States were in poverty (Feeding America). Poverty tends to result from unemployment, low income, or a lack of education (Causes and Effects). To begin with, Poverty is a big social issue that needs to be stopped as it leads to crime, hunger, and homelessness. It can rot communities from the inside out. If people could tackle this at home then they could more easily help with global issues. People should get involved in helping these people. Poverty can be felt everywhere whether a person is rich or poor. People should help those in poverty after being fortunate to have what they have (NIV Bible).
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Homelessness is bad physically as people struggle to find a place to sleep every night because of this effect. Unemployment tends to be a reason for homelessness, but even minimum wages tend not to be enough to pay for a small apartment (National Coalition). One can see homelessness in their own city. Homeless people have to withstand very hot and very cold weather. Also, the homeless have to stay outside during extreme weather including thunderstorms and snow. Exposure to this kind of weather makes it easier for people to get sicknesses. They may also have to limit the belongings they take with them because of the lack of a home for storage. There are homeless people living nearby that most do not even know about. Furthermore, homelessness is bad emotionally as as there is always of where one will go next with the lack of a home to return to. Parents do not know how they are going to take care of their kids for another day. Additionally, with people being homeless, they may not be able to keep their pets and more animals could end up in shelters as a result of this. With more people homeless, others have to pay higher taxes (Moorhead). It cost nearly forty-thousand dollars a year to keep a homeless person on the streets making it actually cheaper to help the homeless than to keep them on the streets (Moorhead). Homelessness often results in poor health conditions which is not only bad on health, but also leads to more expensive …show more content…
These are all very connected as one can lead to another. People need to be more aware and proactive in addressing this issue. It leaves people fending for themselves as they deal with hardship and discrimination. Poverty can be seen and heard everywhere. It affects entire communities and the nation whether one is rich or poor. Poverty causes physical, mental, emotional, and moral pain. It can break families apart. If people could stop poverty then they could also improve the economy. One effective solution is education which helps people to find better jobs more easily. Donating and volunteering with non-profit organizations in communities can also help in making a

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