Causes Of Homelessness In America

Homelessness in America is a big problem among many subpopulations like individuals, families and veterans. The United States will continue to be a developed country if the numbers of people holding cardboard on the street do not decrease. 1 out of 10 people in U.S suffer from hunger and are forced to sleep in parks, under bridges, in shelters or cars (Hunger @ Homelessness 1).Every year; the homeless population grows in the United States. People become homeless because of many reasons. Because they are homeless, they have been struggling in every way that human possible can have. In order to get back on their feet, they need help in every way. The homeless population is increasing drastically in society. People who are more fortunate than …show more content…
Furthermore, there are homeless people who choose to stay homeless because of laziness and getting used to of being homeless (“Top Causes of Homelessness in America” 1).
Homelessness is caused by ample reasons. The most common reason people become homeless is a loss of benefits, low wages, or unstable employment (“Why Are People Homeless” 1). All those lead to not being able to pay monthly rent for home and utilities. The income and housing cost become unbalance. Some people become homeless because of mental illness, drug addiction, and alcoholism. One of those people has a higher risk of becoming homeless than others (“Hunger and Homeless” 1). Homelessness is also caused by tragic life occurrences like loss of loved ones, job loss, domestic violence, and divorce.
Divorce costs and lowers family income (“Top Causes to Homelessness in America” 2). Single parents are more likely to become homeless because of many things they have to take care of. Even unpaid tickets can lead to the road of homeless. The other reason why people become homeless is by natural disasters; flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake and
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Homeless people cannot afford to look fresh. They only have the clothes they are wearing. Likewise, they can help homeless to find a home or find a relative who will let them stay in their house until they can get back on their feet (“How You can Help End Homelessness” 1). There are many ways to prevent homelessness; all it needs is helping hands. To decrease the growth rate of homeless population, people should stop concerning about what people think of them and start volunteering to assistance homeless people get back on the highway of life.
People still sleep in certain places every night where human should not. Because of many circumstances, people become homeless. Since they become homeless, people treated them differently. To make everyone feel equivalent and to raise the economy again, homelessness should be prevented. To make the world home for everyone, people should start planting the seed of kindness by helping homeless get back on their

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