Persuasive Speech On Being Homeless

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I. Attention Getter: Having you ever imagined how it feels like to not be able to sleep on your cozy bed but on cold streets? Or you have to transit from one shelter to another and not knowing what is coming for you next?
II. Thesis: Many people are suffering from being homeless. Therefore, we should help to end homelessness through improving homelessness policy, building capacity, and educating the public.
A. Reasons why people became homeless
III. Preview: I am going to talk about the population of homeless families and individuals and what can be done to alleviate this problem.
[Transition: I am going to talk about how people become homeless and what they are suffering from]
I. Homelessness is a challenging problem
A. The population
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There were an estimated 636,324 and 656,129 influenced by homelessness from 2008 to 2009 (Kilgore, 2013)
2. In 2009, 37% of the homeless population consisted of homeless families. In particular, about 22% of them, or 50,800 families, did not have any kind of shelter and stayed in places like train station and abandoned building (Munley, 2012)
3. Homeless family has become more diverse in the past few years because they used to own homes but now they cannot afford houses because of unemployment and higher mortgage payment costs (Haskett, Perlman & Cowan, 2014).
4. Homeless family is a huge concern because it is more likely for children in those familgies to experience health problems, stress, and school, which might influence their future in all kinds of aspects. (Health, social, education, and economic outcomes) (Munley, 2012)
5. In only one single month in 2015, 358,422 people were homeless as individuals, which was only 64 percent of all homeless people (Henry, Shivji, Sousa, & Cohen, 2015).
II. National Alliance to end homelessness is a non-profit organization that helps to solve problems related the
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National Alliance to end homelessness helps to prevent and end homelessness through three ways.
1. It advocates for upgraded federal policy and studies implemented legislation and engage in the whole process. One of the things the Alliance did was to testify before Congress on federal legislations. It testified about how not enough the funding is for the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services (Our work, n.d.).
2. This alliance also works with communities by helping them to put viable solutions into practices to reduce homelessness. One of the successes it has was in Maryland where the Alliance developed a Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, a different intake process, and created a report care for quarterly performance (Our work, n.d.).
3. Also, this alliance has its own research institute, which can come up with its own studies and researches, and then provide the best information and solutions related to homelessness. (Our work, n.d.).
[Now that I have talked about the basic information about the charity and what they do to help end homelessness. I would like to talk about how the society would be different if the problems are alleviated.]
III. If homelessness did not exist, the world would be a better

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