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  • Effects Of Integration Of The Army

    When Harry Truman outlawed having a segregated army he did not foresee just how much of an impact it would have on easing racial tensions. The Civil Rights movement and the start of the Vietnam War both helped bring racial inequality to the surface and helped end racial thought for many. Army Integration had a profound effect on racism during the Vietnam War helping ease tensions between races with minor resistance. The integration of the army had a positive effect regarding racism unlike America because troops had their lives in the hands of soldiers of different race. George Lawrence and Thomas Kane state in their academic article Military Service and Racial Attitudes of White Veterans, that “The U.S. military, unlike civilian America, has enjoyed relatively peaceful and harmonious working relations among its racial and ethnic groups since the late 1970’s” (235). Lawrence and…

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  • Examples Of Accountability In The Army

    Marquaze Ward 07/30/14 FTR: Failure to Report Here in the Army, we have tools in place that keep us soldier’s discipline, responsible, and a well-trained machine. Some of those include customs and courtesies; Drills and ceremonies; team building skills and etc. Another important skill set is accountability; being where you need to be at all times and responsible for your action. Accountability is what keep the Army running smoothly; shows soldiers how to be account for their personal…

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  • The Importance Of The Army Standards

    itself and every branch of the military has a structure. This organization is only as strong as the people who form this structure. Each of these people all abide by standards, which were formed to keep this Army structurally sound. Every individual is already programed with moral values, the Army just relies on soldiers to bring these standards forward. While it is important to have principles of our own, the Army has values it follows, and we must enforce and maintain the standards set forth…

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  • The Importance Of The Roman Army

    They didn’t just fight, but they did what would be considered mundane like building bridges, cleaning forests to make room for roads, and clearing dirt. They participated in military type exercises and that in turn gave them the discipline that they needed to be able to fight. The Roman Army didn’t always win, but the losses taught them what didn’t work, and then they tweaked them for the next battle. The Roman Army owed their success to both discipline and organization. The men in the Roman…

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  • Army Reflection Paper

    “Who are you?” When I think about it, people don’t ask that up front, unless they seek confrontation. Nevertheless, it’s not the type of question that people are generally ready to answer, on a deep level. I aim to answer that question through this paper in order to help me reflect on my life as part of my pursuit in becoming a leader in the army. I will briefly discuss my background, my core values, and some the events that I believe have truly shaped me. I am currently in my final semester at…

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  • New Army Event

    The new Army event paper The greatest fighting force in the world has a systematic way of instructing new recruits in the so called basic training, but our armed forces has adapted so much in today’s world. From Full Metal Jacket to the new Army so much has changed on how recruits are treated. I remember my first day coming out that yellow bus March 2016, the good ole shark attack that scared most of us and tired us was enough to make us think that this was going to be the worse 4 months of our…

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  • The Importance Of Engrating Women In The Army

    this raises the question of whether or not women should also be added to the draft. If this change in draft registration were to occur, two more issues would arise. The first of these issues would be if women were to be drafted and assigned to combat arms units would the army have to lower its standards? Certainly being a woman does not mean that one is automatically unable to complete the duties of males, just look at the fact that multiple women have completed Army Ranger school, however it…

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  • Brazilian Army Case Study

    Discussion The problem that the Brazilian Army is facing can bring serious problems for the formation and the training of the artillery Soldiers. The discussion about solutions goes through some alternatives to manage that situation or at least, finding a balance between Soldier’s preparation and resources management. One of the feasible alternatives to this problem would be increase the number of combined exercises among the artillery subsystems in order to save some resources. This way,…

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  • The Importance Of Following Instructions In The Army

    and why they are important. In the army if you do not follow instructions from your Noncommissioned officer which is a lawful order then you could get an article fifteen. An example of this is if a soldier was told to write a five-hundred word essay from their Noncommissioned officer and only wrote two hundred then they could get that article fifteen. Another reason to follow instructions is that it could be the difference between your life and others. If you were told to take the ammunition to…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Communication In The Army

    Without communication, order and instruction cannot be disseminated effectively to lower ranked officials and soldiers. Communication refers to the exchange of expressions, thoughts, and information; it is an imperative aspect of army teams, units, individuals, and departments and is important to efficient and successful mission accomplishment. Hence, through effective communication Army members incessantly promote the process of gaining relevant clarification and problem solving. Consequently,…

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