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  • Robert Winery Philosophy

    and densely planted. All of the grapes on the plantation are hand picked with extreme care. Over the whole winery, it is consumed by 1,200 tons of concrete, which is mostly underground. The Amalie Robert Estate mainly produces Pinot Noir, but the vineyard also produces Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Bellpine Pearl, Syrah, and Viognier. When it comes to Pinot Noir, it blocks ferment individual vineyards in small 1.5 ton, and the fermenters believe in using indigenous yeast and whole clusters. The wine usually spends a minimum of 12 months in a barrel, and they specific reserve wines in the barrels for at least 18 months. With the bottle, the wine is considered unfined and unfiltered. One of their Oregon Pinot Noir is called the Reserve and is described as "Light, bright red, and vibrant". The Reserve is characterized as having an intense red fruit preserve and Asian spice scents. Even though their Pinot Noir is what the estate is known for, the winery also produces Chardonnay. Amalie Robert grows Chardonnay that is mainly created from two Dijon Clones, 76 and 95. The wine gathers flavors from the toasted French oak barrels and is fermented during the blending and bottling process. The winery produces a Chardonnay entitled "Her Silhouette". This wine is especially because is doesn 't undergo a malo-lactic conversion. It is described as having passion fruit and pink grapefruit taste and a crisp and delineated texture. The vineyard also produces a Pinot Meunier that is matured…

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  • Vidal Ice Blanc Research Paper

    only process these grapes went through was fermentation in stainless steel. Using stainless steel which helps keep its natural flavor. Lastly, the region where this wine is grown in has a factor in price. Finger Lakes location is known for having sweeter, grapes. This winery is found in that location, so it shows that the quality of the grapes will be very good. 4) 5) This Chardonnay…

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  • Sparkling Wine

    traditional method but with different grapes. Normaly, they will choose Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel-lo for their main grape varietales used for the production of Cave. This Cava production method may need to take up at least three years to make it.Since Cave is using the traditional method, that means it has the smallest and longest lasting bubbles inside it. It may be similar with Champagne but because of using a different kind of grape, it may also creat a different style and have varying…

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  • What Is Burgundy?

    the Celts to this region from a continuous migration. The Celts had become a continuous civilization without even know it. The Celts were peaceful people. “Their imaginative ingenuity for which the Celts are remembered” (Elson, Web) in developing turn of the era skills weapons and developing and implementing agricultural practices which helped farm the lands. During the Middle Ages life began to change in the region of modern Burgundy. Christianity was spreading through Europe and with that came…

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  • Forecast Analysis: The Winter's Model

    Forecast Analysis Scenario The adaptive forecast analysis shown below is from customer demand data in a time series based on Chardonnay Quarterly sales figures: Source: (SEC Filings, 2016) The Winters’ model Source: (SEC Filings, 2016) The forecast method chosen for this analysis is the Winter’s Model or the “multiplicative decomposition (seasonal) method” (Forecasting in Supply Chains, 2012). This model takes into account the lever, trend, and seasonality factors with the historical…

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  • White Wine Essay

    fresh clean taste. • Cortese (a.k.a Gavi) – an Italian white grape wine that pairs well in some seafood. It has moderate and light acidity with crisp flavors. It is mostly grown in Piedmont in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. • Soave – is another Italian white wine predominantly from Veneto region in Italy. The principal grape variety of Soave is Garganega with 70% and 30% blend can come from Trebbiano di Soave or Chardonnay. • Albariño – is a type of white wine grape grown in Galicia in…

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  • The Importance Of Quality Wine Production In Canada

    cycle. They have always dealt with the continuous threats from vine pests and diseases and the unique prohibition experience in America. The cultural practices in Canada favor the production of wine. A great portion of the population is wine consumers, therefore, promotion the production of wine. The planned vine varieties including Baco Noir, Auxerrois, Agra and much more contribute to the production of a variety of wine flavors from the Canadian region (Crawford, 2012). Wines and Wine…

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  • Villa Maria Wines

    4. Knowing that you CANNOT change the package/label design, what particular message could Villa Maria use to promote the brand? Specify whether you would add this message on either the bottle or a sticker on the bottle or shelf talkers Taking the brand’s two main attributes, i.e., ‘Most Awarded Winery’ (Winery, 2017) and being a family-owned business where the brand realises the importance of values and quality over quantity, Villa Maria has successfully produced superior quality wines since…

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  • Clary Sage Research Paper

    Common Name: Clary Sage Essential Oil Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea Description/Distribution: Native to southern Europe, clary sage essential oil comes from the Lamiaceae family and has a fresh sweet herbaceous, wine-like aroma with floral notes. Clary sage oil has been cultivated for centuries. Once, extensively cultivated in France, now Russia is the main supplier. The oil is steam-distilled for its medicinal and cosmetic qualities, and the best clary sage oil is obtained from the green…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Wine Cellar Cost

    You may ask yourself, how much does building a wine cellar cost? You need to contemplate the environment, the temperatures, as well as the wine. It’s a lot to look at when all you needed was a place to stash some wine, right? No matter what your budget is, you may create a special room, area, or perhaps a nook that can enrich your own interest for as well as enjoyment of wine. Even in ancient times, individuals knew really good wine from the less attractive wine, and a wine cellar will help…

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