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  • If Nobody Speaks Or Remarkable Things Essay

    In the book “If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things”, we are faced with these themes and are forced to ask the questions why we as humans ignore that many wonders of the world. The books shows examples where the boy Shahid’s existence was not known until his believed death, and beautiful and mundane things are not though of like crushed glass, the idea of existence, naming, and unique characters until they are pointed out. This book in the end makes us as the reader recollect with the notion of our own ignorance and how we should avoid it, so we do not miss a Shahid, or a boy from number…

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  • Voyeurism In Film

    Classical narratives have been found to stimulate the desire of looking thorough integrating structures of narcissism and voyeurism into the image and story. Narcissist visual pleasure is achieved from the self-identification with the image while voyeuristic visual pleasure is achieved from looking at another as our object. The traditional cinema’s narrative structure has been said to portray men as powerful and active characters while the female character is perceived as powerless and passive.…

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  • Memento Film Techniques

    Nolan structures Memento uniquely by presenting the scenes backwards; the opening scene of the film is actually the final scene chronologically. The narrative structure and techniques of neo noir in Memento serve a greater purpose as they effectively put the audience…

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  • I Lay Dying Narrative Structure

    The narrative structure of As I Lay Dying is fundamental in understanding the complex tensions, motives and emotions of the characters; especially that of Darl Bundren and his relationships with both the reader and those surrounding him in the novel. Although each character faces his or her own personal challenge in the novel, Darl is the sole character that has the most evident effect on his family, community members and the reader. The narrative structure forces the reader to consider that…

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  • Expressionism, Fatalism And Realism In The Killers

    “distinctive and exciting visual style, an unusual narrative complexity and a generally more critical and subversive view of American ideology than the norm”. Film noir utilizes the Hard-boiled tradition and German expressionist features to portray a film that is both complex and fascinating. In combination of the Expressionism, Fatalism and Realism that the film portrays, film noir conveys a dark world and a sense of unusual surreslism to the audiences. Meanwhile, the unique patterns of visual…

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  • Comparison Of Infidelity In The Storm And The Zora Neald Six-Bits

    In the short stories “The Storm” by Kate Chopin and “The Gilded Six-Bits” by Zora Neale Hurston, infidelity is a clear theme within both of these stories. Character’s actions during and after committing infidelity immediately describe how the characters are as a person. Both stories are different when it comes to the setting and tone, yet both stories share similarities in the action the characters’ commit, narrative structure and the theme. The author’s narrative structure starts by describing…

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  • The Narrative Structure Of Jim Crow Laws

    Wright ants the reader to be cautious of what happened in the characters childhood and be aware that tragic racist events did happen back then and even now can still occur. “Here my Jim Crow education assumed quite a different form. It was no longer brutally cruel, but subtly cruel. Here I learned to le, to steal, to dissembe. I learned to play that dual role which every Negro must play if he wants to eat and live.” With the lesson that was learned with the Jim Crow laws he was informing the…

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  • Man In The High Castle Analysis

    Personally, I never developed an outlook that would require a sensible narrative. I was more focused on the scenes that held action scenes in their episodes. Recently, it became a priority for me to become more selective in the narrative composition. I knew that it held much more weight since it would capture my attention in the long term. With developmental narrative in mind, the show “Man in the high castle”, has its elements that are available for viewers to interpret. The first episode…

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  • The Importance Of The Storyteller In Jubilee By Cary Davies

    Cary Davies ' narrative questions the importance of the storyteller in the modern tale. Davies engages the reader in thinking about the narrative we are reading by presenting multiple narratives. Davies uses free indirect discourse, playing on the internal and external thoughts of her characters. The metafictional engagement between the 3rd person narrator and Arthur Pritt, who tells a story within Jubilee, questions the importance of Arthur 's role as a story teller. Metafiction is 'stories…

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  • Egger's Dystopia

    environment are different in both novels, different narratives are enforced to refer to the reality of those worlds and societies. Barnita Bagchi emphasizes this point in her work The Politics of the (im)possible: Utopia and Dystopia Reconsidered, in which she states that “there has always been a transaction and exchange between utopia or dystopia as imaginative possibility and as a real-life actualization” (Bagchi 4). As it is, the narrative is the reflection of the society’s condition, which…

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