Characters in the Odyssey

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  • The Odyssey Character Analysis

    these trials. In The Martian by Andy Weir and in The Odyssey translated by Alexander Pope, ‘The Road of Trials’ is portrayed in the same manner with a few…

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  • Character Analysis: The Odyssey

    CH 202 3008 Dr. Barnett RP 2 9/11/15 In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, the main character, Odysseus, is faced with a long journey home to his family. Ten years after the end of the Trojan War, all heroes have returned besides the brave Odysseus. In books 1-12 it is shown that Odysseus has yet to return to his wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus. They wait for him patiently but slowly lose hope that one-day he will return. Odysseus faces many battles along the way while showing off man…

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  • The Roles Of Female Characters In The Odyssey

    The female characters in the Odyssey is very different from traditional view of women in ancient times. The works of Homer – Odyssey described the role of women in the Dark Age, it is a time where woman held an inferior position in compare to man and their role are basically limited to only childbirth and household duties. The Dark Age society portray woman as man’s servants and the idea of woman cannot accomplish anything without the help of man is common. But in the Odyssey, female character…

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  • The Female Characters In Homer's The Odyssey

    Homer described the female characters in The Odyssey differently compare to other epic poems. Before, the society were dominant by male and female’s roles were basically limited to only childbirth and household duties. The idea of the woman cannot accomplish anything without the help of man is common. Female characters in The Odyssey is rather distinctive. Female characters in The Odyssey are strong, influential and smart. In The Odyssey, women has the qualities that cannot be found on men. Men…

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  • Female Characters In Homer's Odyssey

    The remarkable and incredibly famous Odyssey, an epic poem written by Homer and translated by Robert Fitzgerald contains a wide variety of characters and portrayals of these characters. Throughout the story, the reader is constantly meeting various figures who are represented in contrasting ways. Although the book is dominated by male characters and was written in a time when men were considered the superior gender, the poem does possess a group of female characters varying vastly in portrayals…

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  • Essay On Character Flaws In The Odyssey

    Characters are similar to people in real life in that we all have good and bad qualities. A character without any real personality traits is boring and will not keep an audience hooked. Throughout literature there has been a focus on finding and exposing flaws of characters. A good character is one that has many flaws but many good traits to balance it out. However, how bad should a character be? The myth of Odysseus and the cyclopes from The Odyssey gives insight on Odysseus’ character. While…

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  • Elpenor: Compare And Contrast In 'The Odyssey'

    Journal Book 11 : Elpenor Compare and Contrast : In The Odyssey, by Homer, many of Odysseus’ men die during the journey. They die from monsters and gods. One of the men that dies is Elpenor at Circe’s house. When Odysseus reached the underworld, souls of people come and talk to him, in which included Elpenor. He says “After I went to sleep on Circe 's house, I did not notice how to go down again by the long ladder, but fell headlong from the roof; my neck was broken in its socket, and my soul…

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  • Character Analysis Of Odysseus In The Odyssey

    The Odyssey, written by Homer, is an epic that revolves around Odysseus and his men overcoming many obstacles while trying find their way back home to Ithaka after being lost for 20 years after the Trojan War. Back in Ithaka, Odysseus’ wife Penelope is struggling to keep up with her marriage due to the suitors forcing her to marry one of them. Telemachus, his son, who has been fatherless for a very long time now, will not give up on the idea that Odysseus will soon come back and embarks on an…

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  • Character Analysis Of Athena In The Odyssey

    Upon first meeting Telemachus, both Athena (in the disguise of family friend the Mentor) and Menelaus remark upon the uncanny physical resemblance between father and son: Athena exclaims, “you must be, by your looks, Odysseus’ boy?/ The way your head is shaped, the fine eyes – yes,/ how like him”, and Menelaus also notes the “likeness”, observing that “Odysseus’ hands and feet were like this boy’s;/ his head, and hair, and the glinting of his eyes” (I.244-6; IV.155-7). This familial resemblance…

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  • Character Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

    In the epic poem, the Odyssey, written by Homer, it tells of the amazing feats performed by Odysseus. He goes on impossible adventures for the average man; He successfully leads his crew through the sea, or does he? Even though Odysseus may show that he is clever, he also shows that he does not listen, is very temperamental, and is untrustworthy; Because of these character traits, he cannot be an effective leader. To begin, Odysseus shows multiple times that he does not listen to his crew.…

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