The Female Characters In Homer's The Odyssey

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Homer described the female characters in The Odyssey differently compare to other epic poems. Before, the society were dominant by male and female’s roles were basically limited to only childbirth and household duties. The idea of the woman cannot accomplish anything without the help of man is common. Female characters in The Odyssey is rather distinctive. Female characters in The Odyssey are strong, influential and smart. In The Odyssey, women has the qualities that cannot be found on men. Men cannot accomplish his goal without the help of woman. For example, without the help and support from the female characters in The Odyssey, Odysseus would never have been able to make it back to Ithaca.

The role of the goddess is rather demanding
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Go and find out about your father who has long been away, if some mortal will tell you. Or you may hear a voice from Zeus, which most often brings news to men.” (1.258-62).
The travel experience enhanced his personal growth which benefited him when it comes to obtaining acceptance from the public as a mature man.

Another goddess female character that plays an important role in Odysseus’s journey is Calypso, the sea goddess that held authority on the Ogygia island. She protects Odysseus against the attack of the sea god Poseidon. She also conceals Odysseus from the world for seven years to keep him safe, because she loves him. Calypso’s role in The Odyssey is rather seductive, she had an affair with Odysseus. Calypso is a very beautiful female goddess. Even Odysseus was0 impressed by her beauty and he admitted that she was even prettier than his wife Penelope: Then the resourceful Odysseus said to her reply: “Revered goddess, don’t be angry about this. I myself well know that the clever Penelope is less to look upon than you in attractiveness and physique. For she is mortal, and you are an immortal and will never grow old.
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She is an intelligent woman. Penelope is a seductive character even though she plays her role as a mother. She uses her charm and beauty to fool the suitors in the house for three years in order to get what she want while waiting for her husband Odysseus to return from Troy. Penelope encourages every single one of the suitors to go after her, bringing her gifts to prove themselves to her and she will pick one of them as her lover. By this, she is able to gain material objects that she need from the suitors. Antinous spoke angrily to Telemachus in the

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