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  • Oedipus And Jocasta Analysis

    by telling him that there is no truth in oracles or prophets, and she has proof. Jocasta then tells him a brief story of how Oracle predicted that Laius would be slaughtered by the hands of his own. Giving more into the ¨factual”evidence that his prophecy´s were in fact irrelevant, by stating that he was killed by robbers.While listening to the story, Oedipus had his own doubts about it,which troubled him.Going more into depth,Jokasta stated that that Laius was slaughtered where three roads met, which rung a bell to King Oedipus, seeing as he had, in the past killed a man where the three roads met. Conjuring up this memory, he questioned his wife on a vivid description of Laius, to which he discovered that her description indeed matched…

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  • Jocasta In Oedipus Tyrannous

    the story. Jocasta, which is Oedipus mother played a huge role on how the end of the story came to unfold. The purpose of the paper is to see Jocasta’s point of view within the story in a creative context and understand why she did what she did. Jocasta was born in Corinth but when she became a young woman she moved to the city of Thebes. She came from a very poor and humble family, but Jocasta was extremely beautiful which was something that helped changed her life forever in the future. One…

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  • Jocasta Ignores The Truth In Oedipus

    ignores the truth, there is often nowhere for the character to go, developing wise, but when Jocasta and Oedipus finally accept the truth, they are set free from the lies that they have been telling themselves and can move in a new direction in life. In Oedipus Rex, Jocasta denies the truth several times. Initially, Jocasta ignores the truth of the prophecy; the truth is that, “an oracle once came to Laius… declaring he was doomed to perish by the hand of his own son…” (p. 12) Jocasta also…

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  • The Role Of Jocasta In Oedipus The King

    Jocasta was a woman with a very unfortunate role in the story of Oedipus the King. All the tragic events accused her. When she married Laius she knew about the prophecy that condemn them if they had a child but didn’t truly believed. If she had believed in the cursed she could had run away from Laius or not to have a baby at all, she would have been responsible towards her action. Even though a part of her did believed in the prophecy when she went to Mount Cithaeron and left Oedipus to die. By…

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  • Oedipus The King Jocasta Character Analysis

    Oedipus’s reaction to the knowledge that he killed King Laius gives valuable insight on his character. Despite Tiresias’s warning that “[he] [is] the murderer of the king whose murderer [he] seek[s],” Oedipus never realizes it until Jocasta says,“the king was killed by foreign highway robbers at a place where three roads meet.” Oedipus now remembers that he killed some men at a crossroads during his journey from Corinth, and he is encompassed with fear that the murderer may have been him.…

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  • Ophelia And Jocasta Analysis

    Ophelia and Jocasta are both two very significant woman from there times, they both share the anguish of male dominance. They may be considered significant due to their relationships with important men figures, but it is through these relationship that we learn of their stories and what they can tell use about these significant male characters. Often when Ophelia is discussed in regards to Hamlet she is often identified as “the object Ophelia” this implies that Ophelia is nothing more than the…

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  • Jocasta And Lady Macbeth Analysis

    Butt 3 Sometimes the ignorance from the fact or inability to listen to one’s conscience is considered to be a blessing. Jocasta and Lady Macbeth would never commit suicide and would remain in their senses, would they not felt about their illicit actions of incest and murder respectively, but once they’ve realization of their wrong deeds, their conscience start blaming them, feeling the burden of guilt and shame. “To feel shame, one has to compare one’s behavior against standards in which one has…

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  • Oedipus The King Jocasta Essay

    suicide? An answer is found through the character Jocasta from Sophocles’ play, Oedipus The King. Jocasta, both the unfortunate wife and mother of Oedipus, is a prideful character and it is this prideful character that begins her downfall. However, she goes through rids her pride once she realizes Oedipus is her child and disposes of her pride in the process. It is this arrogant character and the revelation of Oedipus’ birth that cause Jocasta to commit suicide. Jocasta is a prideful character…

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  • Jocasta And Oedipus Relationship Essay

    Mother and Son The relationship between mother and son is often complicated and varies family to family. Though no other mother son relationship compares to the legend of Oedipus and Jocasta. Jocasta and Oedipus want the best for their kingdom and family but their weaknesses causes them to make decisions leading to the inevitable prophecy actualization. They are alike in that their weaknesses lead to their eventual downfall. Jocasta’s careless actions create unresolved guilt while Oedipus must…

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  • Oedipus The King Jocasta Character Traits

    Oedipus: A clever man who ran away from his home in fear to prevent the prophecies of him killing his father and marrying his mother from coming true. He is short-tempered when we came across a caravan when he was running away from home. The people of Thebes praise him because he was clever solved the Sphinx's riddle. He is very motivated in finding the murderer of King Laius. He is very selfish and arrogant, thinking he's better than everyone. He is very ignorant and refuses to believe the…

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