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  • President Obama's State Of The Union Address

    his first State of the Union Address in 2008. Over the past year President Obama and Joe Biden have both made it a priority to medical research, but more importantly the medical research in the development of fighting cancer. President Obama also stated that in the past year Vice President Joe Biden said that America could cure cancer. Vice President Biden has also provided scientists with some of the best resources that is known in today’s society. President Obama then announced that Joe Biden would take control of the project and that it was now America’s mission to cure cancer. President Obama ended by stating that, “For the loved ones we’ve all lost, for the families that we can still save, let’s make America the country that cures cancer once and for all.” This topic of the State of the Union really hit home because cancer has affected me personally. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and thankfully she is still with me today. Now yes, I do believe this is politically feasible in the fact that I believe that every American wants cancer to finally go away. Financially, a lot of money has already gone into cancer research, so my only concern is how much more money is the U.S. government willing to pay to end cancer. I believe that the fight to end and cure cancer is both fiscally and politically feasible, and I do strongly believe that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will accomplish it. One of the major issues that President Obama addressed was…

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  • Comparison: On The Shoulders Of Greatness By Barack Obama

    However, I believe that early on, President Barack Obama made a series of errors in judgments in his cabinet choices and his picks for advisors and it nearly derailed his Presidency. This included the financial advisers that he chose to assist him at the beginning of his term in key areas; e.g. the accountants and financial advisors, his choice to elect several of his close friends to his cabinet and the selection of Joe Biden as his Vice President. First of all, when you are choosing advisers…

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  • Summary: The Barack Obama Administration

    has to supervise the staff of the White House, control who is near the President, and in the Oval Office. He manages the communications, and consult with Congress. Before being the Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough was the Deputy of National Security Advisor. McDonough was part of the White House Situation during the operation that ended in Osama bin Laden was killed. The Cabinet contains advisers to the President. These members are heads of different departments. They also are in charge of…

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  • Unorthodox Law Making Theory

    Gridlock can be a result of the current Congressional makeup, if the Congress is dominated by one party and the Executive is dominated by another, then it is unlikely anything due to ideology. In the 114th Congress, there are currently 247 Republicans in the House of Representatives including one Delegate and 54 Republicans in the Senate. On the Democratic side there are 247 Democrats in the House of Representatives and 44 Democrats in the Senate with 2 Independents who caucus with the…

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  • Presidential Nominations

    campaign shows the importance of getting endorsements from party stakeholders early. By early September, Clinton had already secured the endorsements of 56.4% of Democratic officeholders – meaning she not only had the majority of endorsements at that time, but the majority of all possible endorsements. (Clement) While she struggled to gain a significant number of endorsements during her 2008 campaign, it has not been a problem this election cycle. Even if the remaining officeholders decide to…

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  • Sexual Assaults On College Campuses Essay

    at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Blair Wautlet, she explained that simple fixes such as increasing the amount of lights on campus and their brightness would help students to feel more safe late at night. A combination of all these factors would benefit students and universities as a whole. There are minimal reports of on-campus sexual assault and even fewer statistics of cases never making it to court or due process. Wyatt O’Neil, a third year student at the University of Northern Michigan…

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  • Anti-Semitic Cartoons

    strengthen anti-Semitism. The political control of Jewish people was one of the many photos that was found. Many political images were found on various personal blogs. One included a cartoon draw by New Zealand cartoonist Tom Scott. The image was from 2011 and had Obama is the unseen Jew’s pocket. This image suggests that Jews are in control of United States leaders, including the president. There were many other anti-Semitic cartoons that portrayed the Jews being in control of the presidents,…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Obama's Speech On Budgeting And Recovery

    President Obama began pushing for legislation leading towards long-term recovery the day he took office. At the time of his speech, he announced: “As soon as I took office, I asked this Congress to send me a recovery plan…. [T]onight I am grateful that this Congress delivered and pleased to say that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [H.R. 1] is now law.” (Obama, Barack) This act was a government stimulus package designed to jumpstart the American economy. In roughly a month since taking…

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  • Big Tent Party Analysis

    immediately from when she declared her candidacy as the democratic presidential nomination, she has come under withering criticism on many issues. Chief among these is the email controversy that has not abated and continues to drive down her favorable opinion in the polls. The media has continued to dwell on this issue even though no one has made any case of any particular law that she broke. In the current political climate, it is arguable that as Donald Trump leads the Republican field, a…

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  • 2016 Democratic Convention Analysis

    The soundtrack to the 2016 Democratic convention is not only to please the ears of those present, but also to excite supporters and potential supporters nationwide through multi-platform distribution, including, but not limited to TV, social media, and the general media. Naturally, the target audience is younger and more liberal than that of the Republican convention. However, even among Democrats, the day should especially appeal to a younger, more liberal audience as the three major speeches…

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