Joh Bjelke-Petersen

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  • Ted Kelk Analysis

    Ted Kelk. The Bjelke Petersen regime remained all powerful, but riven with division, and while no one yet had any inkling the regime 's own corruption would soon blow up it its face, a general aura of decline surrounded the government. Meanwhile AIDS mobilised the gay community which, for the first time ever, established dedicated and effective organisations capable of achieving more than discreet social events. Ted saw gay law reform as essential and if no one else would take it on, then he, with nothing to lose, would. On 16th February 1987, Mulgrave 's Councillor Stan Marsh vilified the Cairns Gay community at the council 's monthly meeting. GAYS/AIDS COP A COUNCIL BLAST. "Well-meaning nymphomaniacs could be the answer to AIDS" FNQ Sunday, 22-03-1987 Incensed, Ted sprang into action. He lobbied the Gay community, circulating a 15 page open letter listing 20 issues of concern to gay ratepayers and addressed to the Mulgrave Shire Council. He placed an ad in the FNQ Sunday paper. He received overwhelming support from the gay community and when he addressed the next council meeting on the 22 March 1987, he spoke with the backing of his community. Ted listed his concerns with the council, and demanded an apology for Councillor Marsh 's vilification, but shamefully, Mulgrave Council offered none. Next Ted and the secretary of QAGLR Pat O 'Hara, travelled to Brisbane to lobby Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson where…

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  • Doctrine Of Separation Of Powers In Australia

    Right to be tried before an independent judiciary. Therefore, due to the executive involvement in the parole process it can be considered that there obvious breach of rights which greatly affects the rights of all Australians. Both Australia and it’s legal system have always had issues with corruption whether its politicians, police or judges. One of the major corrupt figures was Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen; he was Queensland’s longest serving premiers and is credited with the total economic reform…

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