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  • 'The Gay Community In The Film Before Stonewall'

    is a documentary about the gay community prior to the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969. Through historical events and interviews from people from each decade, the secrecy, prejudice, and even comradery within the gay community was addressed throughout the film. The documentary begins with talk of speakeasies during prohibition in the 1920s. People would sometimes have speakeasies in their basements, which often served as a gathering place for secret homosexuals to socialize and meet people of their sexual orientation. Harlem served as a gathering place for black gay people, who found their own personal “mecca” within the clubs. “Black” clubs often consisted primarily of African Americans and gay people of every race.…

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  • Gay Marriage And Discrimination In The LGBTQ Community

    Even though gay marriage is legal throughout the entire country, it does not change the fact that discrimination in the LGBTQ community still happens everyday. People who discriminate against those in LGBTQ community should have harsher punishments put against them. To some people this may sound insane, that in 2016 gay people are still be looked down upon, but today I am here to show you some major examples of what goes on everyday right here in our country. Denial of service, suicide rates…

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  • The Character Of Ignatius In A Confederacy Of Dunces

    Dorian insists that Ignatius is nuts, Ignatius starts to insult the gay community. But when Ignatius see’s that the Gay community in New Orleans is larger than he thought, even extending to the military, he decides to work with them. The gay community in New Orleans has a rich history. It hosts the oldest gay bar in America Cafe Lafitte in Exile, opened in 1953. Before that, the original owners owned Lafitte Blacksmith Shop. Which was another gay bar opened 1936, before losing their lease. (A…

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  • Paris Is Burning Essay

    when being confidently gay and black had violent consequences, it was important that at-risk individuals had a place to be comfortable and expressive. Paris Is Burning, directed by Jennifer Livingston, shed a necessary light on the subculture of the house system and the ball circuit in 1980’s New York City. Because of the socioeconomic and political culture surrounding the Reagan Administration, there was high demand for asylum for LGBT individuals, thus creating the house system. This house…

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  • Formal Analysis: David Bourdon And Gregory Battcock

    Battcock is an oil on canvas piece by the artist Alice Neel. In this piece you see two seated men, one in suit and tie and the other only in underwear. Both men seem to be staring off into the distance with disinterest. This piece is actually a portrait of the openly gay couple. Alice specialized in portraits and bringing attention to features others usually didnt say much about although you could not help think of. All Alice did was put it in a painting. This piece’s success atributes to a few…

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  • Inequality In The Gay Community Analysis

    The Gay Community In the historical document “The Declaration of Independence” written by Thomas Jefferson, there is a demand for immediate freedom from oppression and equal rights for all men. There is a question that comes to mind when contemplating equality: are we really considered equal regardless of our differences, or are we only equal when we conform to the social norms? Jefferson writes: Prudence, indeed will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and…

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  • Substance Abuse In The Gay Community

    Summarize: Drug and alcohol abuse in the gay community have been to blame for the domestic violence, which has proven to be somewhat accurate. Drugs and alcohol give the person or persons courage that they wouldn’t normally have when they are sober in which it allows them to become abuser or abusers. All of this information gives a person or individuals to encourage domestic violence in the gay community and its mutual relationship to and of substance abuse, and not only does it affect the…

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  • Media Representation Of The Gay Community

    entertainment, or a place to inform the general population about what is occurring in the world. I chose the topic of the misrepresentation of the LGBTQ community in the media because it reinforces stereotypes people have about the gay community and it creates misconceptions about gay culture and other aspects in the community which cause harm to the members of the LGBTQ community outside of the media. Many shows today, not sponsored by or affiliated with any gay friendly media outlets,…

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  • Homosexuality In Uganda Documentary

    repercussions it is posing on it’s citizens who identify as gay. ‘The World’s Worst Place to be Gay’ is a documentary in which DJ Scott Mills travels to Uganda to investigate the current society in which a person is persecuted for being gay. He had the opportunity to speak with some of the people being victimized and the leaders who are governing this campaign. By witnessing this documentary, one is able to access the…

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  • Grindr Research Paper

    GRINDR: The demise of the gay community The advancements of the Internet have recreated just how we conduct and sustain interpersonal relationships. Through electronic communication, individuals can interchange frequent electronic messages and join diverse social activities exclusively through cyberspace. Online dating, for example, has profoundly altered the manner of establishing a relationship. Dating app users can link up across vast geographic regions, and send a series of pictures, text…

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