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    household name and a common brand that customers can identify with and customarily turn to when they are searching for new or replacement appliances. Strategy Creation GE knew that employing an indirect approach had many benefits. It would focus primarily on the producer, retailer and consumer channel, which is the shortest and recommended route to generate efficiency and value through a regulated…

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    Creative Title: Man in “Black.” General purpose: To introduce Specific purpose: To introduce/share my friend, AAA to the audience through his personal experiences and the insight or lesson gained make AAA transform to become a better person. Central Idea: The experiences that he went through had transformed him from an introvert him to an extrovert, the determination that AAA has successfully able him developed certain soft skills and AAA always put friendship above himself. Introduction: 1.…

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    are responsible for making the key decisions for GE including counsel and oversight of management, financial and business strategies and actions, assessing risks and maintaining integrity for the company. This is in line with their business strategies and is organized on a combination on the basis of functions, projects and geography. This structure seems to relate closely to other companies of the same size and purpose. Competencies. The core competencies…

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