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  • Gordon Gekko Speech Analysis

    According to a deontology theory: “We are morally obligated to act in accordance with a certain set of principles and rules regardless of outcome.” Gordon Gekko pointed out that greed is right and therefore his speech supports immorality. Kant would not agree. Being the deontological philosopher Kant was, he believed in his formula of universal law that one should live according to the law. Egoism is all about self-interest. Gekko’s speech supports their view when saying greed is good. To be selfish and greedy according to them are morally acceptable. Psychological egoism is expressed by Gekko because he claims to help others for his personal benefit. Gekko act that he is advising the “stockholders” but he have other motives such as his…

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  • Wall Street Movie Analysis

    Greed is Good "Greed is good" is what Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street. The different between greed and ambition is a tiny line. Above the line is a positive soul and below the line is a negative soul. This movie illustrates how the greed blinds the person. Gekko was keeping working days and nights to get enough money as he said. Indeed, he did not know what enough meant. His morals vanished between doing illegal trade and smashing people who were lower than he was. However, in fort of…

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  • Character Analysis Of Oliver Stone's Wall Street

    “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” So preaches Michael Douglas in his Oscar-winning role as immoral businessman Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. Stone’s follow-up to his Best Picture winner Platoon¸ Wall Street does not have quite the reputation Platoon does. I have not seen Platoon, but it seems that this makes sense because Wall Street is not a very entertaining or interesting movie because, although greed may be good, Stone forgot that clarity is good too. The plot of…

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  • Blue Bigger Case Study: Blue Star Shares

    18. – Blue Star shares start trading at $19,50 on the day that Bud wishes to manipulate it. Bud wishes to get raise the price in order to get Gekko to panic and try and sell all of his shares. Bud then wishes to drastically lower the price in order to get Wildman to purchase the shares and remove all ownership from Gekko’s possession. – Bud manipulates the price upwards by instructing his colleagues at his stockbroking firm to get their clients to purchase Blue Star shares as it would be a…

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  • Money Laundering: Film Analysis

    1. Gordon Gekko, a man that is sentenced to jail for money laundering, comes out eight years later and finds himself with alone. He is in love with money and finds a way to get his millions that he once had, when Jake Moore (his daughters fiancée comes to him. Jake wants to take revenge for his mentors death, Gordon takes advantage of this and becomes and ally. Gordon gains Jakes trust and pretends to help him by telling him where to find a large amount of money. He tricks Jake and takes the…

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  • Case Study Of The Victims: Agape World, Inc.

    The Victims: Innocent or Culpable In the case of Agape World, Inc., the final estimates of this financial fraud are between $370 to $413 million dollars. Shamefully, Nicholas Cosmo’s fraudulent organization, Agape World, Inc., specifically targeted middle class Americans with limited funds to invest and even less investment skills. Sadly, the scarce funds stolen by these criminals could have provided these victims with the additional money needed to live a modest but comfortable retirement.…

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  • Materialism In The American Dream By Jay Gatsby

    West Egg is “new money” meaning they lack a sense of control. This is one of the reasons West Eggers are not accepted by East Eggers. Since Gatsby is not born into wealth, he won’t be able to live in East Egg. Gatsby throughout the story is never satisfied with the things he has and always wants more even when he made a fortune, Daisy is a trophy to have in Gatsby’s eyes. Gatsby’s life is a success story everyone wants, yet to him, his heroism during the Great War and the wealth he gained at a…

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  • Gordon Gekko's Speech Analysis

    “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works” (Garcia, 2010, para.1), this quote by Gordon Gekko in the infamous movie Wall Street has become the mantra of many who dream of working as stock brokers, business moguls and corporate raiders. The concept behind Gekko’s speech was that greed is the driving force behind our evolution as mankind and greed, for all things, is what lets us continue to thrive. The opinion Gekko was preaching is in many ways correct, greed is…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Monopoly Is Life

    be one winner and many losers. While playing this game, the soul of JD Rockefeller takes control of my mind and turns me into a ruthless competitor whose only mission is to maximize my assets by capitalizing on crucial and unfortunate mistakes made by others. It wasn't until the second semester of my sophomore year, when my Honors US History teacher introduced the side effects of greed, that I became socially conscious of the ramifications of dishonest business practices. If that was not…

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  • Folding Bicycle Essay

    wheel segment to the casing. To overlay the bicycle into equal parts, the magnet separates with one development and in a moment, and without needing to utilize one's hands, the back wheel pivots forward and the bicycle overlays vertically. This instrument likewise empowers to roll the half-collapsed bicycle on its back wheel. Split away and different styles Bicycles might mostly overlay and somewhat dismantle for pressing into a standard or uniquely measured bag for air travel (e.g.,…

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