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  • The Themes Of Lady Wisdom

    schools. Chapters 30-31 - The last two chapters contain a mixture of sayings and poems, which cause confusion when attempting to characterize the chapters. There are some conversations about the Israelite wisdom tradition with the wisdom traditions of other cultures. What is the main purpose of the book of Proverbs? The book of Proverbs provides a collection of material based on wisdom and foolishness. This book also establishes a wisdom orthodox, which is those who are wise succeed and those who are not wise fail. A similar format to orthodox of sin and blessings in the physical world. Define gematria. An ancient Jewish practice in which numerical values are connected to the letters of the alphabet. Combinations of letters cause numerical values to become large with certain letters (twentieth letter = 200). Adding values lead to gematria values. For example, Solomon has a gematria value of 375. Define parallelism. A literary structure in which two or three lines repeat the same form or content. In Proverbs, the parallelism is based on describing an action or principle with the counteracting action or principle (wisdom and foolishness). Antithetical parallelism is the dominant form witness in Proverbs. Who is Lady Wisdom? Lady Wisdom is the voice of Proverbs and she claims to have been with God during the creation of the human beings based on chapters 1-8. Chapter 9 introduces another character that contrasts Lady Wisdom. “Lady Folly” who is connected to a prostitute…

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  • The Garden Of Eden Analysis

    number is six hundred and sixty-six.” (Rev. 13:18) This is the Antichrist’ verse of fame; the one verse most have at least some bit of familiarity. Ironically, it is also one of the most mysterious and lesser understood verses in The Bible. Before I address what I think the text is saying, let me first assert what I think it is not saying. This verse has a near 2000-year history of individuals or groups identifying this and that personality as The Antichrist by using an occult method called…

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  • The Mark Of The Beast

    doubtful this could be happening before the Antichrist makes a seven-year covenant in Israel that makes it possible for them to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem; an event that will start the 70th week of Daniel, leaving no doubt as to the identity of the Antichrist. 3.) In order for Gematria to even have any intelligent meaning, the parameters of such method would need to be clearly defined. Different languages as well as differing letter values will spell various results. So what language does…

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  • Revelation

    about this book in particular, and still after learning about this in class, there are many more things to continue to learn about this. In class, I learned that Revelation is an apocalypse, typically written in the times of persecution, and used many images and symbols of an end-time cosmic battle between good and bad. I also learned that there are very diverse interpretations of Revelation. Some people avoid this subject all together because it is hard to understand or scary, while others…

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  • Analysis Of Maus: A Survivor's Story And Persepolis

    within the novel, Vladek mentions either a prediction or good omen he receives via his dreams or the people around him. The first instance occurs when Vladek is in the prisoner of war camp. One night he has a dream in which he is told that he will be freed from the camp on Parshas Truma, a Jewish event that occurs only once a year (Spiegelman 59). Of course, Vladek’s predictive dream comes to pass. It also turns out that Parshas Truma is a very significant date for him because he married Anja,…

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