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  • Genderqueer Essay

    On one episode of MTV’s True Life: I’m Genderqueer, they follow two genderqueer people as they cope with their decision and construct a way to successfully explain their identities and personal feelings to their parents. Most of the time we only hear the genders that exist within the binary, like transgender, that is why it is such a huge step in surfacing their identities as genderqueer. MTV’s episode played a major role in making this group that has generally been invisible to the public, now visible to the world. Over the course of the episode we watch as the individuals struggle with not only being accepted by their parents but also accepting themselves. Jacob Tobia, 24, uses the pronouns as they/them to describe oneself, whereas Brennen Beckwith, 17, uses the pronouns he/his. Both of them are very passionate and involved in gaining attention and bringing about a better understanding of the fluidity of the concept of gender. "It 's really something…

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  • Gender Fluid: Gender Identity

    When one was about three years into high school, a thought lingered around; who am I? It started when Rebecca (Randy) came into one’s life. They were born biologically a female yet identifies as gender fluid, thus having two names and having to use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them). Gender fluid is “referring to a gender identity that changes with time and/or situation as opposed to a fixed sex-role or gender queer expression.” (Winter, Claire R. 2010) In other words, being a gender fluid…

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  • Short Essay On Gender Identity

    men and women). Sexual orientation: The type of sexual, romantic, and/or physical attraction someone feels toward others. Often labeled based on the gender identity/expression of the person and who they are attracted to. Common labels: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, etc. Transgender: This term has many definitions. It is frequently used as an umbrella term to refer to all people who do not identify with their assigned gender at birth or the binary gender system. This includes transsexuals,…

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  • Gender Pronouns In The English Language

    generic “he” is an insufficient way to express gender neutrality because it results in the exclusion of not only women, but genderqueer and gender nonconforming identities. In this way, exclusive language contributes to the erasure of minority gender…

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  • Gender In Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

    these expectations at our early age. For example, noticing Barbies are for girls while robots and cars are for boys only. In the “Performative Gender”, “Doing Gender”, and “Nerd Box”, authors all indicate gender is learned instead of inherited. They bring out their insightful observation and critical personal experience to illustrate how the social expectations with punitive effects construct our gender unconsciously. These articles provide a great lens for us to understand the mental state and…

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  • Sociological Perspective On Gender Identity

    woman. It is the performance of cultural, social, and psychological traits in which people express themselves. These characteristics are gender cues that have been culturally agreed upon to identify the gender or sex of another person. This expression of traits manifests through appearance and behavior and includes hairstyle, clothing, gait, vocal inflection, body shape, and facial hair. Socially, it is expected for these characteristics to align themselves to either a man or woman. The binary…

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  • Queer Development

    I would add on to this argument by stating that it is not the issue queer people really care about in most countries. "Gay Marriage" is the poster-child of a "first-world problem" for the LGBT community(ies). Marriage is great for Western White gays, but it is not a queer issue. Gay people and queer people are inherently different in terms of gender, race, class, and sexuality and therefore do not experience the world uniformly. As Currier states when you are faced with homelessness, racism,…

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  • Gay Rights: Will It Get Better?

    greatly weakened by the, “50 percent divorce rate” (Messerli) shown by heterosexual couples. Seeing as homosexual couples may take their relationships more seriously due to lack of reasons like getting pregnant, divorce rates may drop since couples would get married based on compatibility and true love like many people did before today’s society twisted the definition of marriage. Marriage equality can lead to a better society in America where the citizens are more accepting to those different…

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  • Non-Binary Argumentative Essay

    These individuals do not adhere to either sides of the gender binary, and some do not necessarily adhere to the definition of transgender, either. As NB and Genderqueer have only come to light in the past few years, many people still don’t know or understand what it is. I, for one, have tried to understand the feelings and struggles of these people, but as someone who is comfortable and feels right with her gender, I cannot. However, I know three different people ranging from 16 to 20 who…

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  • Discrimination Based On Gender Identity

    have never had to think about their gender identities, and many find it hard to understand what it’s like not feeling like a boy or a girl. However, if people understand that gender identity is simply determined by what someone feels they are, not by how they dress, how they look, what sex they are, or how they act, then Americans can become more accepting of non binary individuals. Many celebrities today identify as non binary, and are helping to raise awareness and acceptance of non binary…

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