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  • Jennett's Gobby: Gender Stereotypes

    Children have been immersed in gender stereotypes since the moment they were born. Girls are placed with ribbons on their heads and dressed in pink whilst boys are smothered in the colour blue. Jennett, 2013, states society works from birth to teach children “…which colours, toys, games and books are for boys and which are for girls” pg.3. For instance, Tonka trucks are known as masculine toys whilst Barbie dolls are known as feminine toys. If a boy was seen playing with a barbie doll, he would be ridiculed and made fun of, same as with a girl, if she was caught playing with cars, she would be called a “tomboy”. Games, Toys and books have all been marketed towards one or the other gender. These choices and decisions are already made for the…

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  • Sexism In Popular Music Analysis

    As a Student Leader in the Grinnell Dining Hall, a large part of my job is to make a safe work environment for our workers. This includes monitoring the music we play in the dishroom. Oftentimes, I find myself only catching explicit, sexist, or racist lyrics as a song ended, leaving me wondering what I missed. This spurred my interest in the possibility of sexist content going unnoticed or unprocessed in music, and the possible consequences this might have. In this paper, I will seek to explore…

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  • Viva Gender Analysis

    Gender, the behavior and thoughts surrounding people of different sexes, and sexuality, the range of behaviors, desires, and beliefs related to erotic physical contact, were a reoccurring theme within the film, Viva!. Set in a Cuban town, the film follows Jesús, a young male aspiring to be a Drag Queen, through his journey to obtain a spot on the stage. Through the trials and tribulations of his journey, each interaction with the other characters and events that happened, illuminate a…

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  • A Christmas Wonderland Drag Analysis

    I recently attended A Christmas Wonderland, a drag show made up of some of RuPaul’s most talent drag queens such as; Roxxxy Andrews, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Naomi Smalls and many others. This was unlike any drag show I had been to before because instead of being in a small bar with limited seating and dingy lighting, it was in a real performance hall where the Nutcracker was being performed the following week. The first thing I immediately noticed was just how many different kinds of people…

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  • Birthday Cards

    What does the bulletin board in the hallway, the right side of your computer screen, and the I- 60 have in common? You may be thinking that there is no relationship between the three things, but it’s so obvious and so prevalent that you become so used to it that it only affects your subconscious. All three are locations and mediums for advertisement. We live in a world cluttered with an overwhelming amount of advertisements for marketing. Marketing techniques and strategies can even effect…

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  • Skill Apquisition Theory: The Three Stages Of Second Language Acquisition

    Skill acquisition theory focuses on how people learn a skill and the advancement of that skill. (DeKeyser, 2007) .According to Lightbown and Spada (2013), second language acquisition is seen as a build up of knowledge that eventually becomes automatised. In addition, McLaughlin (1990) views language acquisition as a type of motor skill and that language acquisition is related to learning a skill like driving a car or riding a bike. Skill acquisition theory claims that we all acquire skills in…

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  • Gertrude Stein The First Reader Analysis

    A 2011 article by Nancy Bombaci addresses the possibility the famous author, Gertrude Stein, having autism. Bombaci states that Stein is often referred to as a “loose cannon,” and claims that many of her writings occur in a style which matches the speech pattern of those with autism. Whether or not Stein actually has autism, however, it not stated. Autism typically causes extremely specific character traits, being hyper-attention and intelligence. Though autism has different effects on…

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  • Cyra Mcfadden's In Defense Of Gender

    In the New York Times article "In Defense of Gender," author Cyra McFadden pleads her case for why the attempts to make the English language gender-neutral have gone too far. Furthermore, she addresses different areas in which gender neutralization has become common, including job titles, last names, and pronoun usage. Ultimately, while she hopes that there will be a resolution to this issue of language leaning towards one gender, she concludes that there must be another way that does not…

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  • Gender Biased Language

    discriminate is that of gender. Gender biased language such as male-based pronouns and gender-specific titles have shown to subvert females (Kleinmann, 2002). The maintenance of such language is often defended as agreed upon conventions…

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  • Case Study Of Affirmative Action In Santa Clara County, California

    take into consideration gender when making promotions to positions. In the past, the transportation agency’s pattern traditionally segregated job classification in which women had been significantly underrepresented. The division of road-maintenance workers had a considerable underrepresentation of female workers. One out of 110 employees in the division was female. Diane Joyce application for the position of road dispatcher was classified as a road maintenance worker. The agency promoted…

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