Gene duplication

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  • Analysis Of John Perry's A Dialogue On Personal Identity And Immortality By John Perry

    claims that “it seems clear as anything in philosophy that from A is B and C is B where by ‘is’ we mean identity, we can infer, A is C” (A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality, page 32). Thus, if we were to duplicate Person B twice, resulting in Persons A and C, both Persons A and C would be Person B. Thus, both Persons A and C would have the same memories as Person B, which would mean they both have the same identity. However, personal identity is supposed to be unique. That is, only Person B is supposed to have Person B’s identity. Thus, it seems illogical that Persons A and C would share Person B’s identity, because then Person B’s identity would no longer be unique, and therefore, no longer an identity, thus showing why the duplication problem makes memory theory appear false. However, on page 31 of Perry’s book, Perry, through the character Cohen, claims that “We can say that the rememberer is the one of the two whose memories were caused in the right way by earlier experiences”. Essentially, this means that in order for a memory to be considered a real memory, and not an apparent memory, the memory must have been created as a result of something experienced by the rememberer. Thus, there is a connection between an agent performing an action and a memory being formed as a result of that action. Where I find fault in the objection to memory theory is that…

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  • The Psychological Continuity Theory And Personal Identity

    Personal Identity is a very debatable subject. How do you know you are you, even growing up are you still the same person you were at age 5. I believe in the psychological continuity theory the survival of the psychology makes the person them. There is the opposing argument called the duplication argument, this argument says it “Relies on the transitivity of identity: If A is numerically identical to B and B is numerically identical to C, then A is numerically identical to C.” But your…

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  • Genome Evolution Research Paper

    Genome Evolution Did you know that the Tasmanian Devil’s genome is rapidly evolving to resist a deadly disease that has killed eighty percent of their population since 1996? To most people that means little to nothing, because most people don’t know what a genome is let alone the process in which it takes to evolve or for Scientists to discover the evolution. In the following paragraphs we will discuss what genome evolution is, how genomes are able to be compared and how the size can…

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  • Rubisco: A Genetic Analysis

    cyanobacteria and higher plants (Shively et al., 1973). The multiple nuclear gene encoding small subunits of Rubisco is called rbcS. rbcS exists only in Rubisco form 1 so that it is not absolutely essential for carboxylate activity, however it is apparent that rbcS influence catalyze indirectly as following possibilities (Spreitzer et al., 2002). rbcS could have a role to determine the carboxylation efficiency…

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  • Genetics Down Syndrome

    Genetics To Down Syndrome Genetics describes the makeup of our cells, genes, chromosomes, and phenotypes. When there is alter in a gene or a duplication of a chromosome, it can lead to a certain diseases. One of the main diseases known today from a duplication of a chromosome is Down syndrome. John Down first put a name to Down syndrome in 1866, but artifacts from Mexico and Saxon documented some cases of Down syndrome in individuals, and also some were found in paintings of the Renaissance in…

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  • Genetic Reflection Paper

    their Knees, by Emily DeMarco. For example, the article describes how the Dachshund gene was duplicated and activated in the patella region which formed kneecaps, providing flexibility (DeMarco, 2015). In class I learned about the different types of errors that can occur during DNA replication and repair. I learned that duplication can occur through replication slippage or unequal crossing over. Also, three arrangements of duplications can occur, which are known as tandem, reverse tandem, and…

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  • Muscle Dystrophy Research Paper

    3500 boys are born with DMD however very rarely affects girls with a 1 in 50million chance. It is caused by a small mutation in the DMD gene and it is inherited by families in an X-linked recessive fashion. Those who suffer from DMD generally lose muscle function which often occurs in weakness and mostly develops…

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  • Essay On Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a rare single gene disorder affecting 1 in 3,500 boys. The muscles of the affected person weaken and waste away (atrophy), usually beginning in the lower limbs and then spreading to the upper body as the disease progresses (1). This disorder is caused by recessive mutations in a gene called dystrophin. The dystrophin gene is located on the X chromosome (Xp21.2). Because the X-linked disorder is recessive it occurs mostly in males because males who inherit the…

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  • Summary: Comparative Analysis Of Plant Genome

    evolutionary relationship among organisms. We are able to identify genes that are conserved among the species. We can also identify genes that give organisms their unique and complex characteristics (Comparative Genomics Fact Sheet). This allows us to make inferences regarding the rate of evolution of particular genes, duplication…

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  • Dna Recombination In Genetic Engineering

    widely resulting in duplication of original DNA sequences. There are considerable diversity among transposition elements and mainly classified into two groups according to their movement mechanisms. Class I is retro-transposons which use a RNA intermediate in transposition mechanism and Class II is DNA transposons remaining as DNA throughout transposition [4]. Retro transposons first transcribe themselves in RNA and then RNA is copied to DNA again by reverse transcriptase which is generally…

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