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  • Sulfur Creek Academy Summary

    school students working on a general educations degree (GED) in rural communities in South, Texas. SCA has selected to bring the Live Oak Community Center online for private school families as a centralized learning center. SCA is a small woman owned business, which employs four staff who specializes in software development for academic applications, video courses, and creates learning events for a wide variety of age groups. SCA has a computer technician on its payroll with multiple software certifications in A+, COMPTIA, and Microsoft certifications MCTS, MCITP, Server, and Microsoft…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dream Of Growing Up In Vietnam

    country and my way of life. I was able to relate to the Hispanic community in such a deep way. The struggles to get to the United States with dreams of a better future; the way family members depend on each other and are so close, or the way families live all together even after the kids have married and started families of their own. Sadly, it also reminded me of so many struggles that my people go through at home every day just to survive. Luckily things got better and better and I was able…

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  • Why Is It Important To Have A High School Diploma Essay

    As it is I am the only person in my immediate family to graduate with a high school diploma. That was really important to my mother and father. At the time I just assumed that was the norm. My mom did go back and get her GED which really showed me it is never too late to still learn. My father was a high school drop but still a very smart man. He could fix anything and was just a natural problem solver. I was the only child born from my mother and father. My father went on to have three more…

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  • Standardized Test Benefits

    original placement test to show more accurate growth. An advantage of this is students could explore their interest and see careers in those stronger areas and see how they could potentially use those in the work force one day. The disadvantages of this would be that not every student is getting the same education as others, and it could be considered discriminatory to the students who are not as strong in some areas as the rest of their peers ("Standardized Tests -"). Once students…

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  • Personal Narrative: Applying Kohlberg's Moral Development

    I have been looked over for many promotions because of my outspokenness for things I believe in, though I wasn’t given many promotions I still applied for them and watched lesser qualified people who were promoted over me. This has caused me to feel burned out and undervalued, I feel that returning to school to attain my bachelors’ degree is what will help me to be able to advance in my career. While looking at Kohlberg’s Moral Development I relate to his six stages although I believe Level 1…

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  • Personal Narrative: Client Meeting

    Late Entry 11/14/2015, CM did a visual to locate client. Client was located and CM requested for the client to come to the social service office. CM completed Initial ILP Review. Client appeared her stated age. She was dressed in black sweat pants and T-shirt. Her hair was disarray. In the meeting she appears to be quiet, cooperative and friendly. She made eye contact appropriately. Client described her mood, “aggravated and angry.” Her affect was angry. CM inquires how client came to the…

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  • Should Standardized Testing Be Required Essay

    and emphasis that is placed on these tests does not help. A national study in 2007 conducted by The Center on Education Policy reported that 44% of school districts had reduced the time spent on science, social studies, and arts by an average of 145 minutes per week in order to focus on math and reading ( Students that attend the schools will be lacking in the education of those subject in the future. School teachers are forced to cover a large amount of lessons in a short amount of…

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  • What Is My Writing Experience Essay

    Through out most people 's primary American education, writing has become an extremely begrudging task. I can personally attest to that felling, teachers hold a lot of power, they can either make it easy for students to fall in love with a subject, or ruin it for them forever. In my writing experience I have had my fair share of teachers doing the latter. From writing dozens "mementos" for my senior memory book, to writing dry papers for standardized state tests year after year, it 's easy to…

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  • Civic Engagement Essay

    Growing up in my household, the motto was “contribution”. My mother would make my siblings and I help her with the cooking and the cleaning around the house. I use to be envious of my peers because they did nothing to help out in their household, but as I had begun to age, I realized it was a method to my mother’s madness. She taught me that everyone must work together to accomplish a goal no matter what the situation may be. I believe that is why I have always valued teamwork and enjoyed group…

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  • Benefits Of Taking A Stand Essay

    classes, races, religions, and genders. Despite that, each and every one of you are grouped together to take the same test. The test administrator instructs you to begin, and every student, equipped with a #2 pencil, begins swiftly reading and vigorously filling in bubbles. You’re panicked and sweating because you know the test you are taking is going to determine your future and what colleges you’ll get into. What I just described was any of the standardized tests that high school students…

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