Sulfur Creek Academy Analysis

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2.0 Sulfur Creek Academy Summary
Sulfur Creek Academy (SCA) is a non-profit organization invested in providing safe, secure learning environment for private school students working on a general educations degree (GED) in rural communities in South, Texas. SCA has selected to bring the Live Oak Community Center online for private school families as a centralized learning center. SCA is a small woman owned business, which employs four staff who specializes in software development for academic applications, video courses, and creates learning events for a wide variety of age groups. SCA has a computer technician on its payroll with multiple software certifications in A+, COMPTIA, and Microsoft certifications MCTS, MCITP, Server, and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCPS). SCA has a website designer working on building a virtual learning center, which will house online courses, video tutoring courses aimed at GED proficiency, and set up a cadre of volunteer tutors for private school students.
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Social interaction between students and their instructors leads to better incorporating educational materials and applying lessons to daily life and career goals. (Darzi, Officer, Abualghaib, & Akl, 2016). The project manager for this plan will oversee all contract bids, health inspections, calendar updates, schedule changes, and planning meetings. Each private school will be responsible for providing a list of students, grade level assigned, and subjects required by their students for GED exams. Volunteer instructor will provide course materials, record video classes, submit a list of dates and times available for tutoring, and attend meetings. Private companies will be responsible to build their training materials, attend meetings, provide funding, and give counseling to students who wish to work in their industry. (see Table

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