Exceptional Student Education Essay

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Disabled students are now provided the opportunity for education in both public and private schools, but it is unknown about which one is more beneficial for these students. At private schools specifically for disabled students, there is a different curriculum that is considered a “more specialized environment” that claims to further the disabled student 's education. While this can be beneficial, public schools include disabled students in regular classrooms, giving them the opportunity to gain more knowledge and become more educated. Schools in Florida have the exceptional students education (ESE) program, which is a program for students with disabilities that is “designed to strengthen the quality and variety of services available to students …show more content…
Inclusion is when disabled students are placed in regular, more challenging, public school classrooms to further their education. Public school teachers explain, “as inclusive educators, we argue that disability is an enacted, interactional process and not an empirical, stable fact or condition. We recommend planning responsive lessons that differentiate instruction for all students from the outset, instead of modifying one for disabled students.”(Broderick). These teachers are explaining how a disabled student is not considered unable, they just require different instruction that other students, but can receive the same education and knowledge once the style of teaching is shifted. When disabled students are placed in regular classrooms, they are learning the same information as other students which can be beneficial since they can learn more, but this can also stress them out and they may not be able to handle it. Teachers of inclusive classrooms in the public school system feel if they change the way the teach to be more responsive instead of completely changing it for one disabled student, it can be extremely beneficial. Some disabled students may not have the ability to learn this curriculum, so private schools specifically for disabled students may require special curriculum programs for subjects such as math since students may not be able to do more than identify shapes. This program has curriculum based on their abilities. This way of teaching that occurs in special private schools modifies the lesson for one individual student unlike public schools, so they could get a more personalized learning experience. Also, in special private schools the teachers are trained and feel prepared to teach disabled students. Teachers in public schools teaching inclusive classrooms can sometimes feel unprepared, “Although about half or more of the teachers felt that mainstreaming/inclusion

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