Teaching Students ' With Disabilities Essay

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Doris Chevis
EDUC 6315 American Educational Reform
Research Paper
Teaching Students’ with Disabilities

Teaching student’s with disabilities is a research-based field that is dedicated to educators who believe in the growth and the well being of special kids. This topic discussed will introduce: what a disability is, how are kids referred to special education, how can we accommodate these kids, and what benefits can the kids have after high school.
Teaching students’ with disabilities is a special task; a person has to have the knowledge, skill and patience to work in the environment. I have worked with students’ with disabilities for three years now and have studied their disabilities and how to accommodate them for 5 years.
Defining what a disability is
What is a disability? A disability can be describe as a form of impairment that hinders the performance of a child or adult from being able to perform 100% when accomplishing something.
According to the New South Wales Government School System, a child with special learning needs refers to children with learning difficulties, a behavior disorder and/or a disability. The term disability includes children with an intellectual disability, physical disability, vision impairment, hearing impairment, language disorder, mental health conditions or autism.
There are many forms of disabilities that have been discovered in the 21st century. Before many disabilities were unknown and misdiagnosed. The most common…

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