The Importance Of Working With ESL Students

When working with ESL students and students with disabilities, there are many things a teacher can do in order to help them. It is important to remember that these students are working through their disability and learning a new language and culture. Teachers should design lessons based around the needs of their class and plan on being able to be flexible. Accommodation is necessary and expected from teachers. I have learned many techniques over the course of my education and readings that teachers can use to help disabled students. Above all a teacher must be willing to put in the extra time to make sure students’ needs are being met.
In my experience with student special needs, last semester I took course Classroom Assessment EDCI 5596, which is an online course. That course has activities like Collaborative Learning, which is where two students work together to complete on assignment. The professor divided the class into peers. I did my part, my peer or group mate did not do
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A multimedia approach to education may work best for both groups of students because it shows them another way to interpret the information. Writing on the board, speaking, and demonstrating are things a teacher can do during a lesson to make sure students understand. Instead of catering to one learning style a teacher can apply all learning styles to their lesson to make sure all students have been helped. Including sensory media is a newer technique, but it can help students learn more quickly. Having students do something like write something down or count using blocks will also help them memorize a lesson. My son, who is my oldest child, still recounts lessons he learned in first or second grade. The lessons he remembers, that help him now, all involved hands on activities. Getting students more involved in learning is one of the best things a teacher can do to help their students

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