Are Professional Athletes Overpaid

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Teacher Candidate Jessica Grooms Date and Time of Lesson 7:50-9:07 a.m.

School Westview Middle School Subject/Grade Level English Language Arts 7th Grade

Description of Lesson:
After Students read Mueller’s article of “Two Sides to Every Coin: Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?”, students will create a concept map to begin an argumentative essay. Students will learn to use phrases to connect ideas in different areas of the map and create a better understanding of the topic by connecting the information in a different way.

Lesson Title: Building an Argument For/Against If Professional Athletes are Overpaid

Curriculum Standards Addressed:
National Standard(s)
3. Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret,
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D. (2017, January 26). Two Sides to Every Coin: Are Professional Athletes Overpaid? Retrieved January 28, 2017, from

Procedures: Motivation, grouping, instructional Strategies (steps in the lesson) to include questioning techniques and lesson closure

Procedures Differentiation
Review Previously Learned Material:
1. To begin the class, the teacher will review Mueller’s article of “Two Sides to Every Coin: Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?” that the students were assigned to read the night before.
State Objectives for the Lesson:
2. The teacher will explain to the students what will be taught during today’s lesson and the outline for this class period.
3. The teacher will state that the class will be creating a build an argument concept map and will be using it to complete the homework assignment for the next few nights.
4. The teacher will also display the objects on the white board to the left of the Promethean board in the classroom, and will refer back to them towards the end of the
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They are able to interact and learn from one another while students are presenting.
Instructional Strategy: Homework and Practice
During this time, the teacher is able to work one on one with students that may have struggled during this lesson. A short essay will also be assigned after this lesson to see how student’s built their ideas off of an argumentative concept map. After the lesson, the teacher will pull aside students with learning disabilities or special needs to check their understanding of the lesson. If need the teacher, can decide to meet for further instruction on this lesson. Accommodations can be made to the assignment during this time period.

Accommodations: Danielle has recently discovered that she has an eyesight impairment and has not been able to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Alex is partially deaf in his right ear and is unable to focus if anyone is sitting on this side of him. Both students will be seated in front of the classroom, in order to hear and see the activity to stay focused. For students that finish their assignment early, they will be reading out of their independent reading book until the rest of the class has completed their assignment as

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