Nature Vs. Nurture In Special Education

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I found a very interesting article in the Capella library. The article is called “Nature vs. Nurture in Special Education”. The article states that “schools are organized as if nature has already won the contest (Marks, S. U. (2009)). This is so significant with school systems today, because it is the truth. A child who has a disability is almost always put into a special education class. They are not even given the opportunity to show that they are able to learn without extra supports. School systems view these children as “not able to learn what their nondisabled peers are learning (Marks, S. U. (2009)).

School systems often use the approach of nature. They categorize students with disabilities, and often put them in rooms with
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For children who do not have a disability, school systems favor the nurture side. Children who are in general education classrooms, are given the freedom and flexibility to learn at their own pace. They may learn similar, or very different than the rest of their class. Some students may even need much more support than others (Marks, S. U. (2009)). . With this all being said, the school district does not sort these children without disabilities, the same way they sort people with …show more content…
Just because someone has a disability, does not mean they cannot learn, or that they cannot be taught how to learn. If we use the nature side of the debate, we are not giving children with disabilities the chance to learn. Instead, we are limiting their chances to learn, and categorizing them with other children with disabilities who have higher, and lower functioning levels. Each child should be given a chance to learn in a general education classroom. If they struggle, then they should be put into a special needs classroom with other children who require the same level of support that they do. Categorizing by disability will never work. Each disability is different yes, but each person functions at a different intellectual level. We will not know what level they function at, unless we test them. When putting a child with a disability into a classroom with other children with that some disability, you are diminishing that child’s intellectual level and promoting their disability. They are not given the same opportunity to learn, because nature focuses more on someone’s

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