Zero Subjects Case Study

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1. Zero Rejects.
Zero rejects means that every student has to right to receive a free and appropriate public education. The moment I notice a child struggling to meet certain needs or materials, it is my responsibility to locate and identify the problem. Their disability has to be covered under the IDEA. There must be proof that the child needs special services before going further into the process of getting an IEP. After identifying the student, it is also our responsibility to make sure the student is getting the services and help needed. The student should have the same chance of succeeding as the others.
2. Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).
FAPE means having a student with a disability does not stop the student from getting a
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The evaluation has to be done before putting the child on an IEP. Not all students with a learning disability will be put on an IEP. The evaluation test cannot be discriminate towards the student. The members of the team giving the evaluation and the teacher need to have already talked with the students’ parents before giving the evaluation. The evaluators have to give the test, in such way the student feels most comfortable. One being, they have to give the test in the students primary language. There is also a team of professionals that are giving this test and evaluating the student. The team members have to all agree with the decision to put the student on an IEP or not, if one person says no them they will not put the student on an IEP. The placement decision is to be based on least restricted environment for the child. If a student is lacking in scientifically based instruction, reading, lack of appropriate teaching in math, or Limited English Proficient, then the student is not determined to be disabled in any way.
4. Least Restrictive Environment.
Students with disabilities should not be taken out of the classroom unless their needs and services cannot be achieved in the regular classroom. Each individual student is unique in their own way. It is our responsibility as educators to make the appropriate accommodations to ensure that our students
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The procedural safeguards give the parents of the child the right to be included in all meetings involving their child, to see their child’s educational records, and to see their Independent Educational Evaluation at any time. To protect the rights of the child and their parents, the school is required to send a written notice to the parents of any changes being made on the child’s IEP. The parents have to be offered mediation through the state. The person giving the mediation has to be qualified to give the session. If mediation does not work, then they can request for a due process hearing. The hearing deals with issues of their child’s identification, placement, or

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