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  • Sulfur Creek Academy Summary

    2.0 Sulfur Creek Academy Summary Sulfur Creek Academy (SCA) is a non-profit organization invested in providing safe, secure learning environment for private school students working on a general educations degree (GED) in rural communities in South, Texas. SCA has selected to bring the Live Oak Community Center online for private school families as a centralized learning center. SCA is a small woman owned business, which employs four staff who specializes in software development for academic applications, video courses, and creates learning events for a wide variety of age groups. SCA has a computer technician on its payroll with multiple software certifications in A+, COMPTIA, and Microsoft certifications MCTS, MCITP, Server, and Microsoft…

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  • The Day I Take The Ged Test

    There were so many people that day to take the GED test. We all appeared nervous. The nice woman who signed me in, stood up front. She explained all the rules: no talking, no cheating, and no restroom breaks till you have finished the test. Before taking my seat I grabbed ear plugs took a drink from my water bottle and headed toward a seat up front. I was feeling a little discouraged and nervous. I was taking the GED test to pursue more goals in my life and further my education. This was…

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  • Wizard Of Earthsea Analysis

    develops this idea in “A wizard of Earthsea” where Ged develops the character traits of courage, selflessness, and wisdom by facing challenges that are presented to him along the way. In “A Wizard of Earthsea” le Guin reveals that challenges are essential to the development of a person’s character, through the analysis of Ged’s evolving courage, selflessness, and wisdom. In “A Wizard of Earthsea” le Guin reveals that challenges are essential to the development of a person’s character, through…

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  • The Sorcerer's Stone Analysis

    for literature, monomyth. Monomyths, or the hero’s journey, follows the adventure of a valiant hero who faces off against a great evil and emerge victorious from the ordeal. The hero’s journey is not primarily focused on ancient myths, but the elements from the hero’s journey is also shared with modern stories. Such modern stories that display the hero’s journey are The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The protagonists, Ged from The Wizard of…

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  • The Sea In Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea Cycle

    In Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Cycle readers follow many characters throughout the Earthsea. In each of these stories there is one, shared constant: the sea. Throughout the books characters leave their homes and set off to face the unknown. Le Guin uses the sea to represent the unknown. We see this when a number of characters, including Ged, Arha and Arren, leave safety and land behind and take off into the unknown carried by the mage or earthwind. In her books, Ursula Le Guin says that to…

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  • Reflective Essay: What I Learned In High School

    years. I made As and Bs for the most part, but never did earn my high school diploma. This made me feel as though high school was a complete waste of time. After all, I had nothing to show for it. A few months after my classmates graduated from high school, I earned my GED. I learned more from the experience of earning my GED than I did in all four years of high school combined. The lesson I learned was worth more to me than any diploma or certificate. I learned the power of belief in myself. …

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  • The Hobbit Vs Earthsea Analysis

    Whilst Hobbit punishes those who succumb to the dark tendencies and wishes to rid the world of evil completely, Earthsea strives to covey that acceptance of one’s own darkness, their shadow is curtail. For Le Guin, “the man’s mistake is not following the shadow. It goes ahead of him, as he sits there at his window, and he cuts it off from himself” (Le Guin “Shadow”, 50). By not acknowledging their darkness and weaknesses, characters in The Hobbit allow their inner evil to take over their…

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  • My Pursuit Of Success Essay

    drop out of school in the 9Th grade there never was anyone who told me I could make in school so I saw no need to stay in school. There have been times that I dream of going back to school. But I’m a runner. I have always run from thing that I was scared of. I went back 3 times in last 30 years to get my GED but every time I would take pretest and never go back I was too scared to find out what I made on test. Last year when company I was working for closed their doors I had to make a choice to…

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  • Dropout Rate In Urban Schools

    School isn’t for everybody, but Success should be. “Every state has laws about Compulsory schooling, meaning all children must start school by a certain age and must stay in school until they reach a certain age”( Can). In some states a student must be at least 18 years of age to legally drop out of school. In other states a student can legally drop out with the permission of his/her parent or guardian. Another alternative to dropping out of high school is getting a General Education Development…

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  • Case Study: JOBSTART In Education

    JOBSTART is an education and training program designed to discourage disadvantaged high school dropouts by developing occupational skills and increasing the idea of educational attainment through employment. The four components are basic academic skills instruction with a focus on GED preparation, occupational skills training, training-related support services such as transportation assistance and childcare, and job placement assistance. This program provided their participants with at least 200…

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