Methods Used To Solicit Input From Stakeholders

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A. Methods Used to Solicit Input from Stakeholders
The three methods our school organization uses to solicit input from stakeholders in determining key requirements are the school community council meetings (SCC), parent climate conference, and stakeholder surveys. The first method of soliciting stakeholder input is the agenda for the school community council meetings. It allots a certain amount of time to review and gather stakeholder input concerning school improvement initiatives and requirements concerning action plans. This meeting is held monthly were the community council meets to analyze academic progress of the school and of the students at our school. Our school principal presents to the community council all the action plans
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These surveys usually contain questions about or concerning key requirements and action plans that require vital information from all stakeholders to meet their needs and the needs of their students. The stakeholder input from these surveys is also compiled and used to create key action plans and to meet certain key requirements.
B1. Methods to Manage Stakeholder Concerns
Two methods our organization uses to manage stakeholder concerns are, gathering and compiling stakeholder concerns and the integration of stakeholder concerns and input into the daily functioning’s of the school organization. The first method that our organization uses to manage stakeholder concerns is gathering and compiling stakeholder concerns. This method provides avenues by which stakeholders can bring their concerns to the attention of the School Community Council representatives, the school principal or vice principal, and teachers. This method allows all stakeholders with concerns to be heard and then their concerns be written down and complied with other stakeholder concerns. This information is then analyzed by the school transformation team and school leadership. If these concerns turn out to be legit concerns that need to be addressed and implemented by the organization, then it moves onto the next stakeholder management
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Communication of our organization’s needs and future plans is critical and vital for all parties involved. These parties are known as stakeholders. Some of the key mechanisms our organization implements to enable stakeholders to seek information are newsletters and the pinwheel program that is designed to allow all stakeholders access to creating accounts for free. This program provides information of current events of our organization and it also sends out notification of changes to the schedule etc. Some other key mechanisms are the monthly school community council meetings and computer programs that are designed to inform parents and stakeholders of student success daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Our organization for the first time has created several different handbooks for parents, students, and community members that provide valuable and key information both academically and

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