General relativity

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  • Albert Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity

    Albert Einstein introduced his theory of General Relativity in 1915 (New Site). This theory includes a field equation for gravity, which consists of three terms: two tensors that represent space-time and the energy-momentum tensor. The energy momentum tensor represents the matter and energy in the universe which bends space-time to produce gravity (lecture 1). His equation is seen in Figure 1. Figure 1 On the right side of the equation is the matter and energy tensor and, on the left, are the two space-time terms (lecture 1). Despite the incredible paradigm shift this equation and the rest of General Relativity had, it also had a profound implication that tremendously bothered Einstein (New Site). Einstein’s field equation implies that…

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  • Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Essay

    finally beginning to prove Einstein’s theory absolutely correct. Scientists from around the world have stated that Einstein’s interpretation of the expansion of the universe has evidenced right with “incredible accuracy” and is handling to support the scientists to conclude and comprehend the unfathomable hastening of the universe. Is Einstein’s Theory of relativity really all what it adds up to be? Does it really matter?? The most important discovery in Physics within the past 200 years is…

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  • Moment Of Creation

    that the Universe is expanding and galaxy clusters are far apart. The theory of general relativity proposed by Albert Einstein also predicts this expansion. If the components of the Universe are separated, this means that in the past, they were closer together, and going back enough in time, we come to the conclusion that everything came out of a single mathematical point (what is called a singularity), in A fireball known as Big Bang or Big Bang. The discovery in the 1960s of cosmic background…

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  • Big Travel Theory

    origin of the universe. Physicists decided to introduce a new phenomenon called time, and agreed that “time” was born once the Big Bang banged. Simply defined, time is the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them. In non-relativistic physics, physicists consider time a scalar quantity like mass, length, and temperature. The mass of an object is the same whether it is on Earth or in Space, and since time is considered a scalar quantity that means it is very simple and…

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  • Something From Nothing: The Big Bang Theory

    a point where the universe is so hot that it formed an opaque “wall” of sorts, blocking our view of the Big Bang (Krauss). According to data from the largest atom-smashing experiment ever performed, the universe behaved like a very dense, super hot liquid in the immediate aftermath of the big bang. Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider, near Geneva, Switzerland, recently re-created the conditions of the Big Bang using the ALICE detector. The scientists at the LHC, Large Hadron Collider,…

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  • Space Travel And Black Holes

    burning has run out, what’s life is the core; In a black hole, otherwise known as a singularity. The space surrounding the singularity, where the escape velocity must be equivalent to the speed of light is what’s called the event horizon; or “the point of no return.” (Seidel). Speculation of black holes has dated back as early as 1783 when John Michell theorized that there might be an object massive enough to have an escape velocity greater than the speed of light. Simon Pierre LaPlace theorized…

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  • What Is Albert Einstein's Contribution To Mathematics?

    what you did whether you moved quickly toward a ray of light as it approached you or quickly away from the ray of light you would always see the light ray to be moving at the same speed the speed of light he as good at science but also good at math he has done a lot and he has figured out a lot during these years he has made many things and he has done a bunch of amazing things in his life. Albert has got many prizes but I have seen these ones the most he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics…

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  • Why Is Albert Einstein A Hero?

    He once said “How Strange is the lot of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he know not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it (3).” One of his most known works is the General Theory of Relativity, which he completed in 1915. It accurately predicts Mercury’s orbit around the sun and filled many of the holes left in Isaac Newton’s theory (4). Another development Einstein was involved in was the Manhattan Project. Many people think that Einstein was the one who…

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  • Analysis Of Albert Einstein's Theory Of Relativity

    in the photoelectric effect, arguably his greatest development was the area of relativity. The basis of the theory of relativity is that the speed of light is the same for all observers whether they are in motion relative to light sources and that nothing could move at speeds faster than the speed of light. Special relativity then differs to general relativity as it…

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  • Albert Einstein's Firewall Paradox

    General relativity is fundamentally incompatible with quantum mechanics- they have been at odds with each other since its discovery in 1915- relativity breaks down at the subatomic level and vice versa. A conjecture by two physicists may finally reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics and put an end to the chain of inconsistencies began by Hawking’s information paradox. Albert Einstein first discussed the concept of quantum entanglement in a 1935 paper co-written with his colleagues Boris…

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